The Myth Makers


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The Myth Makers

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First Transmitted

16 October 1965

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Regular Cast

William Hartnell (Dr Who), Maureen O Brien (Vicki), Peter Purves (Steven Taylor)

Guest Cast

Adrienne Hill (Katarina), Cavan Kendall (Achilles), Alan Haywood (Hector), Ivor Salter (Odysseus), Francis de Wolff (Agamemnon), Jack Melford (Menelaus), Tutte Lemkow (Cyclops), Max Adrian (King Priam), Barrie Ingham (Paris), Frances White (Cassandra), Jon Luxton (Messenger), James Lynn (Troilus)


Written by Donald Cotton
Directed by Michael Leeston-Smith
Produced by John Wiles


The Doctor and his companions materialise outside the walls of Troy and are captured by the Greeks. Mistaken as a Greek elder and then falling under suspicion, The Doctor is given two days to bring down the walls of Troy. He invents a large wooden horse and arranges for it to be left outside the city walls while the Greeks withdraw


  • This is the final story featuring Vicki.
  • This is the first story featuring Katarina.
  • The working titles for this story included The Mythmakers, The Trojans, and The Trojan War. Individual episode titles included Zeus ex Machina (episode 1) and Is There a Doctor in the Horse? (episode 3).
  • All 4 episodes of this story have been lost, but some limited material from episodes 1, 2 and 4 exist in the form of 8mm home movie reel shot pointed at a television set
  • This is also one of the least documented stories, with only very limited material (film, photographic) existing.
  • William Hartnell was struck and injured by a camera during the filming of the first episode and sustained a bruise to the shoulder.
  • William Hartnell suffered a bereavement while working on the story: the death of his Aunt Bessie, who had looked after him during his troubled childhood. Unfortunately, the tight recording schedules prevented Hartnell from taking time off to attend her funeral.
  • In the 1980s, Reeltime Pictures launched a series of home video releases featuring interviews with the cast and crew of Doctor Who. This long-running series of tapes (which later included the first independently-produced Doctor Who spin-offs) was entitledMyth Makers after this story

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