The Dalek Invasion of Earth


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The Dalek Invasion of Earth

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First Transmitted

21 November 1964

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Regular Cast

William Hartnell (Dr Who), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Jacqueline Hill (Barbara), William Russell (Ian)

Guest Cast

Bernard Kay (Carl Tyler), Peter Fraser (David Campbell), Alan Judd (Dortmun) [1-4], Peter Badger, Martyn Huntley (Robomen), Nick Evans, Robert Jewell, Kevin Manser, Peter Murphy, Gerald Taylor* (Dalek Operators), David Graham, Peter Hawkins (Dalek Voices), Ann Davies (Jenny), Michael Goldie (Craddock), Michael Davis (Thomson), Richard McNeff (Baker), Graham Rigby (Larry Madison), Nicholas Smith (Wells) [4-6], Nick Evans (Slyther Operator), Patrick O’Connell (Ashton), Jean Conroy, Meriel Horson (Women in the Wood)


Written by Terry Nation
Directed by Richard Martin
Produced by Verity Lambert


1 “World’s End” 23:42 21 November 1964 11.4m
2 “The Daleks” 24:19 26 November 1964 12.4m
3 “Day of Reckoning” 26:50 5 December 1964 11.9m
4 “The End of Tomorrow” 23:23 12 December 1964 11.9m
5 “The Waking Ally” 24:29 19 December 1964 11.4m
6 “Flashpoint” 24:28 26 December 1964 12.4m


Radiation nil, oxygen normal, pressure normalan earth reading! The TARDIS has landed in London. A menacing deserted London, with no sign of life and no sense of normality, but the decaying city is not as empty as it seems.

The year is 2164 and the travellers soon find themselves facing antagonists whom they thought they had destroyed the Daleks. They have conquered the earth. Ten years after a cosmic storm, continents of people were wiped out by a plague. Then the Daleks came in saucers, shipping humans to vast mining areas, turning them into Robomen and against their fellow humans.

Earth contains something no other planet contains-a magnetic core-but why are the Daleks digging for it and how can The Doctor prevent them from tampering with the forces of creation?


  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth was the first departure of an original cast member.
  • This was Carole Ann Ford’s last regular appearance as Susan. She actually cried while filming the final scenes as Susan.She reprised her role as Susan in The Five Doctors (which starred Peter Davison as The Doctor) alongside Richard Hurndall as the First Doctor, and briefly in Dimensions in Time alongside Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor
  • All episodes exist in 16mm telerecordings.
  • The Waking Ally was also held by the BBC in 35mm in 1978.
  • Negative film prints of all episodes were recovered by the BBC in 1978.
  • Arabic prints of World’s End, The Daleks, The End of Tomorrow and Flashpoint are all held by the BBC.
  • The story went by the working titles The Daleks, The Return of the Daleks, and The Invaders.
  • This story was filmed along with Planet of Giants as part of the first series block of stories.
  • William Hartnell does not appear in The End of Tomorrow due to an injury although his stand-in Edmund Warwick does.
  • This was David Whitaker’s final story as story editor
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