Remembrance of the Daleks


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Remembrance of the Daleks

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First Transmitted

5 October 1988

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Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace)

Guest Cast
Simon Williams (Gilmore), Dursley McLinden (Mike), Pamela Salem (Rachel Jenson), Karen Gledhill (Allison Williams), George Sewell (Ratcliffe), Michael Sheard (Headmaster) [1-2], Harry Fowler (Harry) [1, 3], Jasmine Breaks (The Girl), Peter Hamilton Dyer (Embery) [1], Hugh Spight [1-3], John Scott Martin [2-4], Tony Starr [2-4], Cy Town [2-4] (Dalek Operators), John Leeson [1-3] (Voice), Peter Halliday (Vicar) [2], Joseph Marcell (John) [2], William Thomas (Martin) [2], Derek Keller (Kaufman) [2], Roy Tromelly* (Emperor Dalek) [3], Hugh Spight (Black Dalek Operator) [4], Roy Skelton, Royce Mills [2-4], Brian Miller [2-4] (Voices/Dalek Voices) [2-4], Terry Molloy (Davros) [4].


Written by Ben Aaronovitch
Directed by Andrew Morgan
Produced by John Nathan Turner


London, 1963. The seventh Doctor returns – with his new companion Ace – to tackle some unfinished business.

Once again, unusual events are unfolding at Coal Hill School and Totters, Lane junkyard. The Doctor discovers that his oldest foes, the Daleks, are on the trail of hidden Time Lord technology – technology that he himself left behind on Earth all those years ago. The Daleks are planning to perfect their own time-travel capability in order to unleash themselves across all of time and space. Can The Doctor, even with the help of the local military, stop the Daleks from stealing Gallifreyan secrets? Or are things even more complicated?

Two opposing Dalek factions meet in an explosive confrontation with the fate of the entire Universe at stake!


  • It’s unclear exactly what happens to Davros after this story, it’s possible that his subsequent appearances take place in separate timelines and cannot be reconciled. His next appearance is either in War of the Daleks, in which is is revealed that the Daleks managed to save Skaro despite appearances to the contrary, or Terror Firma, in which Davros wreaks a terrible revenge on The Doctor for the events of this story.
  • When Ace says she would have heard about these events in the future, The Doctor mentions that she doesn’t know about the Yeti attack on London (The Web of Fear) or the Zygon attack (Terror of the Zygons).
  • Ace’s anger towards Mike’s racism and the ‘NO COLOUREDS’ sign is partly explained by a scene in Ghost Light, which was itself inspired by a scene in the novelisation of this episode. It is revealed in Legacy that Ace keeps a stuffed bear with Mike Smith’s name on it and sometimes beats it with a baseball bat. Blowing up their homeworld is one thing, but The Doctor later has a far more devastating effect on the Dalek race in the events leading up to the new series episode Dalek.
  • We have yet to learn how Davros went from being a prisoner of the Daleks in Revelation of the Daleks to becoming a disembodied head and Emperor of the Daleks in this episode, however, some details have since been filled in by the comic strip Emperor of the Daleks and the audio The Juggernauts. Order Remembrance of the Daleks BBC DVD Page
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