The Monster of Peladon


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The Monster of Peladon

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First Transmitted

23 March 1974

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Regular Cast

Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who) Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)

Guest Cast

Donald Gee (Eckersley), Nina Thomas (Thalira), Frank Gatliff (Ortron) [1-5], Rex Robinson (Gebek), Ralph Watson (Ettis) [1-4], Ysanne Churchman (Voice of Alpha Centauri), Stuart Fell (Body of Alpha Centauri), Gerald Taylor (Vega Nexos) [1], Graeme Eton (Preba) [1-2, 4], Michael Crane (Blor) [1], Terry Walsh (Guard Captain) [1-4], Nick Hobbs (Aggedor) [2-3, 6], Roy Evans (Miner) [3-4], Alan Bennedition (Azaxyr) [4-6], Sonny Caldinez (Sskel) [4-6]*, Max Faulkner (Miner) [6].


Written by Brian Hayles
Directed by Lennie Mayne
Produced by Barry Letts


The TARDIS brings The Doctor and Sarah to the medieval planet Peladon, some half a century after the Time Lord’ first visit. Now under the benign influence of the Galactic Federation, the Pel nobles enjoy new riches and new technology.

But the Federation is at war with Galaxy Five, and Peladon has taken on a new tactical importance, it is rich in the rare mineral trisilicate, which is vital to the war effort. The Pel miners, however, are in revolt. For too long they have been overworked and taken for granted by the Federation and the Pel royalty.

they believe that Federation machinery has awoken the spirit of the legendary Aggedor, who is now slaughtering aliens and unbelievers. As open rebellion erupts, the Federation sends in a hard-line military taskforce – Commander Azaxyr and his Ice Warriors.


  • This story is a sequel to The Curse of Peladon, and features some of the same characters and themes. Sarah Jane refers to these events in the episode The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • The Fifth Doctor returns to this world in the Big Finish audio play The Bride of Peladon.
  • The Third Doctor Big Finish Companion Chronicles story The Prisoner of Peladon is told by King Peladon, with David Troughton reprising his role for the first time.
  • The Doctor tells Sarah Jane in Episode 5 that “there is nothing (he) likes more than a quiet life”, a sentiment shared by the Ninth Doctor in Bad Wolf
  • Released on DVD as Peladon Tales by BBC Merchandise
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