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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy), Arthur Darvill (Rory)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Richard Senior
Produced by Annabella Hurst-Brown


The Eleventh Doctor is doing repairs on the TARDIS with Rory Williams’ help, but thanks to Amy Pond they make a mistake that could leave them trapped in the TARDIS forever.


Amy Pond tries to get the Eleventh Doctor’s attention while he fixes the TARDIS. She fails, but finds Rory is helping The Doctor with his routine maintenance by installing thermocouplings. However, Amy thinks that he is helping The Doctor fly the TARDIS and they start to quarrel about Amy cheating on her driving test by wearing a short skirt to distract her examiner. The lights go out. The Doctor asks Rory if he dropped a thermocoupling, which he apologises for doing. Amy also apologises. Confused, The Doctor asks why. Amy points out that Rory was looking up her skirt through the TARDIS’ glass floor. The Doctor can only respond, “Oh….Rory!”

The Doctor turns on the emergency materialisation to land the TARDIS in the nearest safe place. The lights come back on to reveal the TARDIS has materialised inside itself. As a test to see if things are as bad as he believes, The Doctor walks through the doors of the inside TARDIS, stepping in through the outside doors. Rory says that is cool. The Doctor tells Rory it’s a good thing he finds it amusing because they have caused a space loop that has now trapped them inside the TARDIS forever. Another Amy walks through the TARDIS doors, telling them things are going to get complicated.


  • The Doctor, when asked by Amy what he and Rory are doing, says they’re entering”conceptual space”, and then proceeds to compare it to a banana since they’re both curved – and then says it’s not like that at all.
  • Rory is handling thermocouplings.
  • The Doctor is using a garage creeper to work on the TARDIS console.
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