The Creature from the Pit


Chlorians were a primitive humanoid species native to Chloris.


The Chlorian culture was based on astrology and superstition. They were led by lords and ladies, until the time of the Huntsman, who claimed that the Dark Ages of Chloris were over. It is unknown how the Chlorian culture was changed after this. Many battles were fought over metal.


The Chlorians were once led by Lady Adrasta, whose lust for power by controlling metal led her to imprison the Tythonian ambassador Erato in a huge pit and feed those who defied her rule to him.the Fourth Doctor and Romana II managed to communicate with Erato. The Huntsman, Adrasta’s executioner, was enraged by this and killed Adrasta. He took control of Chloris and helped Erato to prevent the Tyhtonians from destroying Chloris in revenge. Adrasta’s second-in-command, Karela, and the scavenger Torvin attempted to prevent this and destroy Chloris, but The Doctor stopped them. The Huntsman declared that the Dark Ages of Adrasta’s rule were over and attempted to establish trading agreements with the Tythonians, beginning a new age for the Chlorians.

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