Charlie Smith


April Quill

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Charlie Smith



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22 October 2016 to 3 December 2016

First Seen In:

For Tonight We Might Die

Last Appearance:

The Lost

Main Actor:

Greg Austin

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Charlie was gay. April described him as weird, saying he didn’t know anything about pop culture. To her, he’d have to be either alien or Amish. (For Tonight We Might Die)

Though he hadn’t been on Earth yet for very long, Charlie had watched The Vampire Diaries, he found everyone on it very attractive. (For Tonight We Might Die)

The Shadow Kin attacked and killed every Rhodian and Quill, including Charlie’s mother. (For Tonight We Might Die)

Charlie and his servant were then rescued by the Twelfth Doctor, who took them to Coal Hill Academy. Pretending to be from Sheffield, Charlie’s servant took on the name of Miss Quill and posed as a teacher while Charlie posed as a student in Year 12.

Charlie asked Matteusz out for the school prom, and they attended it together. (For Tonight We Might Die)

He encountered a dragon monster that ate his head teacher, Mr Armitage, and saw the dragon pull Coach Dawson, who had the dragon’s mate trapped inside his skin, through the rip in space-time. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)


Charlie was gay. April described him as weird, saying he didn’t know anything about pop culture. To her, he’d have to be either alien or Amish. (For Tonight We Might Die)
Though he hadn’t been on Earth yet for very long, Charlie had watched The Vampire Diaries, he found everyone on it very attractive. (For Tonight We Might Die)


Charlie was born and raised on the planet Rhodia. He was a prince, and ruled over his people for several years with his mother. (For Tonight We Might Die)
Charlie’s family never saw Charlie as someone worth bothering combining with, instead as a valuable piece of property to be used for the good of the country. (Nightvisiting)

At one point, the Rhodians went to war with their planet’s other race, the Quill. The Quill’s lead freedom fighter was enslaved to serve Charlie and be his protector.

The Shadow Kin attacked and killed every Rhodian and Quill, including Charlie’s mother. (For Tonight We Might Die)

Charlie and his servant were then rescued by the Twelfth Doctor, who took them to Coal Hill Academy. Pretending to be from Sheffield, Charlie’s servant took on the name of Miss Quill and posed as a teacher, while Charlie posed as a student in Year 12. (For Tonight We Might Die)

He and Miss Quilllived in an apartment situated on the Central line of the London Underground. (Joyride) Their address was seen in report from The Governors as 1 Wellington Road, N1, presumably placing them somewhat north/northwest of Shorch. (Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

He was asked out by April but rejected her. He noticed the burn marks on the corridor floor after Kevin Williams disappeared and deduced that they were from Miss Quill’s gun. He prevented April from firing the gun (which would have killed her) causing her to share a heart with the Shadow Kin King, Corakinus.

Charlie asked Matteusz out for the Autumn Prom, and they attended it together. He wielded Miss Quill’s gun when the legedition of Shadow Kin attacked, but it was later destroyed. (For Tonight We Might Die)

One Tuesday, Charlie, Tanya and April saw Amar Sai on the roof. They managed to prevent “joyrider” Viola Cummings, who was controlling Amar’s body, from running a trial suicide at his expense. Charlie was later attacked by April, Tanya and Matteusz, who’s bodies were all being controlled by Joyrider leader Garry Fletcher via stolen alien technology after he learned that Charlie and Quill were aliens. Charlie escaped and all three were returned to their bodies. (Joyride)

Some days later, Matteusz arrived at his home, having been thrown out by his parents for his relationship with Charlie. Charlie offered him residence, and the pair ended up having sex. When the Lankin arrived in his apartment, he caught a glimpse of them trying to form his parents but they failed.

Downstairs, Miss Quillordered him to drive a screwdriver through the hand of her sister, which in actuality was part of the Lankin. The Lankin confessed to feeding off of Tanya Adeolabefore disintegrating. Charlie, Matteusz and Miss Quillrushed to Tanya’s. They tried severing the smaller roots but they kept reforming. Charlie and Matteusz managed to sever some roots before Miss Quilldestroyed the trunk with a double decker bus. (Nightvisiting)

When Matteusz became intrigued about the ornate box in his bedroom, he showed him what it contained and explains the legends and fairy tales associated with it. He explained to him that it could be used as a weapon as the souls it contained, either to kill or to inhabit the enemy, and Matteusz didn’t like this as it’s use would initiate a genocide. Because of this reaction Charlie ignored Matteusz’s concerns about the killer petals. When Ram called Tanyaafter Aprilstarted acting strangely, he witnessed April travelling to the Shadow Realm. (Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

He went to find Quill but he was taken with Quill and Dorothea Ames to their house in order for him to use the Cabinet of Souls to kill the killer petals. But his morals wouldn’t let him as he didn’t want to lose his last connection to Rhodia and lose himself in the process. Ames then took a gun and pointed it at Matteusz in order to use his love for Matteusz to persuade him to use the weapon. He started the arming procedure but was still hesitant. Before Charlie could set the target, April had used the Shadow Kin to kill the petals and Charlie disarmed the weapon. He then admitted to Matteusz that he didn’t know what he would have chosen and that he has lost himself. Matteusz said he would help him find him again. (Brave-ish Heart)

Since the age of seven, he gave speeches to his people. The one who wrote his speeches was the person he was closest to. (Detained)

Quill put him in detention with the rest of his friends to get him out of her way for her plans. Whilst in detention a meteor fell through one of the cracks and displaced the classroom into no-time, no-space. Realising that he was in a small room, his claustrophobia kicked in and caused a panic attack. Matteusz had to calm him down. He got worried after the Prisoner made Matteusz confess that he was scared of Charlie. After witnessing some of the effect the Prisoner on his friend he tried to escape the room, but discovered that he couldn’t had had a panic attack. After noticing that the Prisoner had a different effect on him, he submitted to him and confessed his deepest secrets, that he loved Matteusz and that he wanted to use the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadow Kin. He also told Matteusz that it was due to Matteusz that he hadn’t done it. This confession was enough to allow the Prisoner to die but the Prison needed a new prisoner and decided to take Charlie as he had the biggest guilt. Quill arrived in time and shot the meteor destroying it, but he was concerned as she shouldn’t use a gun. She then admitted to him that she had her arn removed. (Detained)

He remained in detention while Quill was out and does not feature in the episode until the end, when Quill immediately fainted in front of Charlie and Matteusz afterwards, and they realised she was heavily pregnant (The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did)

He took Quillback to their house and tried to care for her but wasn’t sure if he was helping. Matteusz came back to talk to him after the fallout from the last time they had met, but Quillhad woke up and demanded to know where her gun had been put. He then got a call from Apriltelling him that Corakinus was back and had killed Ram’s father, and went with Matteusz to April’s house and found Corakinus threatening her mother. He managed to get Corakinus to go, but not before finding out that Matteuszwas the fifth person to be killed in Corakinus‘ plans. He then went to find Ames to ask for help from the Governors, but they wouldn’t help. After discovering that Tanya and Quillhad moved the cabinet of souls to the school he got angry, but soon after Corakinus‘ came back and captured Matteuszputting his scimitar to his throat. After April switched with Matteuszafter she accepted to go back with him and uncovered that he planed to kill the human race, Charlie shot the pair of them and became King of the Shadow Kin. Charlie then armed the Cabinet of Souls and killed the Shadow Kin, knowing that he had already lost Matteusz by killing April He hoped that the cabinet would have killed him but he wasn’t due to Quill knocking him out of the way. (The Lost)


In The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, we see a plaque that tells us the Barbara Wright Building was completed in spring 2016.

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