K9 And Company


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K9 and Company

Season 18


First Transmitted

28 December 1981

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Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane), John Leeson (K9), Colin Jeavons (George Tracey), Bill Fraser (Bill Pollock), Nigel Gregory (Vince Wilson), Sean Chapman (Peter Tracey), Mary Wimbush (Aunt Lavinia), Ian Sears (Brendan), Linda Polan (Juno Baker), Neville Barber (Howard Baker), John Quarmby (Henry Tobias), Gillian Martell (Lilly Gregson), Stephen Oxley (P.C. Carter).


Written by Terence Dudley
Directed by John Black
Produced by John Nathan Turner


For many years, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith travelled through space and time with her best friend, a carefree and somewhat irresponsible Time Lord known as The Doctor. But all good things must come to an end, and they were forced to part. Sarah returned to Earth and her career, but before they went their seperate ways, she made The Doctor promise not to forget her. Six days before Christmas, Sarah arrives in the sleepy village of Moreton Harwood to visit her Aunt Lavinia and write her latest book. But something is rotten in the county of Gloucestershire.

Lavinia has gone missing, seemingly the victim of a local coven. Worshippers of the pagan goddess Hecate gather in a local churchyard, promising death to unbelievers. True to her nature, Sarah is drawn into the mystery but is confronted by a wall of silence from the villagers.

However, Sarah soon finds help from an entirely unexpected source. For The Doctor has sent her a present, a robot dog that answers to the name of K9.


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  • The pilot episode was novelised in the late 1980s as the last in the Target Books series called Companions of Doctor Who.
  • The adventures of Sarah Jane would later continue in audio form as part of a series of licensed Doctor Who-related projects made for audio in the early 2000s by Big Finish Productions. Although this series did not include K9, John Leeson reprised the role for several other Big Finish productions.
  • There was also a K9 Annual dated 1983.
  • Sarah Jane returned in 1999 with Sarah Jane adventures

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