Zygon Outer-Space Diaries

Zygon Outer-Space Diaries

Zygon Outer-Space Diaries


Fan-produced annual-style book featuring the Zygons. Produced on a non-profit basis, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Publisher’s description as follows:

The Zygon Homeworld is doomed. The leaders have a last, desperate plan to save their species: a mass Exodus from their planet to a new home on Earth. Vast Warships lead the exodus, each carrying a precious cargo to ensure their survival on the long journey and to allow them to recreate their home on arrival.
But they are beset by troubles from the off: ships are disabled, go missing, a strange virus infects the Skarasen herds.
Is there a force at work against the Zygons? Who? And Why?


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