Place of Origin:



Fall To Earth

Main Voice Actor:

Lisa Zahra


Zeynep was a call centre worker in Izmir, Turkey.

She grew up in a little fishing village. She had a brother, whom she considered an idiot. She was married and had at least two children, including a daughter who was a big fan of the boy band Star 7. Heroldest child once fell off her bike and didn’t tell her, and she found her bleeding all over her math homework. In addition to working at the call centre, she was a fire warden.

In 2008, the Committee arranged for her company to call a phone aboard the SkyPuncher so that the spaceship could aim for the source of the signal, crash into heroffice building, and ruin the reputation of Ephraim Salt, who owned the ship and the building. Zeynep was the one that ended up making the call. The call went to Ianto Jones, who was undercover as a steward. She helped Ianto try to right the ship and figure out what was going on. She was very clever, quickly solving problems and figuring out how to fly the ship. When they realised the ship was heading for her headset, she pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the building. If she hung up or took off the headset, the ship would aim for the city centre instead of her empty building. She got angry at Ianto for asking her to sacrifice herself to save a load of strangers. Right as the ship was about to crash, she ran outside into a nearby quarry, and threw her headset as far as she could, surviving. (Fall to Earth)

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