Can You Hear Me?





Immortal, God




Can You Hear Me?

Main Actor:

Ian Gelder


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Zellin was an Immortal and the lover of Rakaya. He appeared as an old man with tattoos on his head. He was able to manipulate the atoms of his body and used this ability to remove his fingers from his hands and remotely plant them into people’s ears to induce nightmares, which entertained him. He was able to regrow his fingers after doing this, thus allowing him to leave his fingers implanted in his victims. He was even able to manifest people’s fears as reality, such as the Chagaskas. At some point in the distant past, he and Rakaya found two inhabited planets in the same solar system and made a bet as to who could destroy a planet first to amuse themselves. The inhabitants of the planets went to war with their own people and eventually each other. The inhabitants of the planets eventually became aware of Zellin and Rakaya’s influence and managed to imprison Rakaya, but Zellin managed to escape. He kidnapped Tibo, one of Ryan Sinclair’s friends, among others, in order to use their nightmares as sustenance for Rakaya during her imprisonment. (Can You Hear Me?)

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