The Zarbi

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The ZarbiThe ZarbiThe ZarbiThe ZarbiThe ZarbiThe ZarbiThe ZarbiThe ZarbiThe Zarbi


Pages 174
ISBN 0-426-10663-6
Publication date

16 September 1965





DOCTOR WHO lands his space-time machine TARDIS on the cold, craggy planet of Vortis.

The Doctor and his companions, Ian and Vicki, are soon captured by the ZARBI, huge ant-like creatures with metallic bodies and pincer claws; meanwhile Barbara falls into the hands of the friendly MENOPTERA who have come to rid Vortis of the malevolent power of the ZARBI…

‘They’re well-written books-adventure stories, of course, but with some thought…the creation of the character of The Doctor had a touch of genius about it.’ Westminster Press











  1. The Web Planet
  2. The Zarbi
  3. Escape to Danger
  4. The Crater of Needles
  5. Invasion
  6. Centre of Terror


  • The First Doctor is mostly referred to as “Doctor Who” throughout the book, one of the few occasions where the standard naming protocol is broken.
  • The Menoptera Vrestin is male. The character was female in the televised story.
  • There is a reference made to the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, concerning The Doctor and Ian‘s imprisonment on the Dalek saucer.
  • The Animus plans “to pluck from the earth its myriad techniques… in its hundredth Christian millennium… !”, possibly indicating the time this story takes place.
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