The Psychic Circus


Zamyatin was a planet with strict societal laws against entertainment so as to increase productivity, with a population that never smiled.

The government prided itself on having a perfect climate and a society based on hard work in agricultural centres that produced foodstuffs such as potatoes, parsnips, and broccoli.

Juggling, singing, dancing, and jokes were outlawed, with the oppressive bans leading to the formation of the Zamyatin Liberation Army, and underground movement of free spirits.

Kingpin and Juniper Berry hitchhiked to Zamyatin and were arrested and imprisonmened for trying to perform in the streets, later being freed by The Master, who telepathically guided Kingpin to the Liberation Army. Later, the Seventh Doctor was brought to Zamyatin by a junkmail robot Kingpin sent him, and was arrested for juggling. Seemingly through a combination of his juggling for the Minister, and the Master’s machinations, a psychic storm swept over Zamyatin and freed the entire planet, making everyone happy and expressive. (The Psychic Circus)

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