Zakia Akhtar

Avia Jay



Zakia Akhtar



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Lost Property


Wild Animals
Must-See TV
Divine Intervention

Main Voice Actor:

Avita Jay


Zakia Akhtar lived in 107 Baker Street with her sister, Aisha.

Zakia worked as a cashier at her cousin Sanjit’s convenience store on Baker Street. (Wild Animals) She and Aisha had frequent arguments with Ron Winters and Tony Clare which settled down before briefly being reignited by the Pandora Bolt. After the Eighth Doctor, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair moved in, Zakia lent Helen her Oyster card. (Lost Property)

Zakia and Aisha helped get Liv a job at Sanjit’s shop and had dinner with Liv and Helen. Zakia and Helen found that Liv and Sanjit had been shot by a robber and, in hospital, learnt that Sanjit had died. Zakia seemed to blame Liv after hearing The Doctor and Helen say that she had most likely fought back against the robber. (Wild Animals)

Zakia was left unemployed after her family sold Sanjit’s shop and tried to find employment elsewhere, telling Aisha that she would go to the Jobcentre. The sisters were cold to Liv when she asked them if they had experienced any strange phenomena with their television, after which it turned itself on. (Must-See TV)

The Akhtar sisters both went to Wakefield’s for the house meal courtesy of the Doctor and left with Ron and Tony after Bourakai and Teeja attacked. (Divine Intervention)

Zakia Akhtar lived in 107 Baker Street with her sister, Aisha. (Lost Property)


  • Zakia Akhtar was pictured with a promo image on Twitter.

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