The Yeti

The Web of Fear



Biological Type:


Affiliated With:

Great Intelligence

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Abominable Snowmen


The Web of Fear
The Five Doctors


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Servicer robots, disguised as the legendary Tibetan beasts, and built by the Great Intelligence.

The Abominable Snowmen were controlled via a small silver sphere within the chests which, if removed, made the robot inert. The monks of the Detsen monastery were surprised when the normally peaceful Abominable Snowmen started becoming aggressive.

The Doctor revealed to them that their High Lama, Padmasambvha, was under the influence of the Great Intelligence. A battle took place, with the Great Intelligence which was finally stopped when Jamie McCrimmon destroyed a pyramid of silver spheres.

The spheres within the Abominable Snowmen exploded at the same time, rendering the robots useless. British explorer Travers took one back to England. Forty years later, the Great Intelligence returned and reanimated the robot, altering its physical shape slightly.

This one built more Abominable Snowmen which began terrorising London by patrolling through the network of underground sub-tunnels. The Abominable Snowmen now used a lethal gun, which covered its targets in suffocating webbing.

Again, The Doctor was able to thwart the Great Intelligence and stop the Abominable Snowmen, with the assistance of the army led by Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. The Great Intelligence could not be completely destroyed, however, and remains capable of striking again

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