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Yrcanos was a Warlord of Thordon and a Krontep warrior king. His self-declaimed titles included”King of the Krontep, Lord of the Vingten, Conquerorof the Tonkonp Empire”.

The Sixth Doctor met him on Thoros Beta in 2379. He later fell in love with Peri Brown. (Mindwarp, The Ultimate Foe)

There are several different accounts of what happened afterwards to Yrcanos and Peri because competing factions of Time Lords chose different ways to rewrite her life. According to a Time Lord who visited the Sixth Doctor and a version of Peri living in Los Angeles in 2009, no fewer than five versions of Peri (“at the last count”) were removed from the timeline prior to the death of the original. (Peri and the Piscon Paradox)

From the Matrix, it appeared that the enraged Yrcanos killed Kiv, whose mind was in Peri’s body. (Mindwarp)

Another version of the events showed that the two escaped and eventually married. (The Ultimate Foe) Peri and Yrcanos ultimately had three children: two sons and a daughter, just as Peri had always wanted. (Peri and the Piscon Paradox) One was named Corynus. They had at least three grandchildren, including Actis and Euthys. (The Age of Chaos)

One account suggested that Peri and Yrcanos settled on Earth at some point after their marriage, with Yrcanos becoming a professional wrestler and Peri his valet. (Mindwarp)

Yet another account stated that while Yrcanos married Peri, her mind was actually controlled by a mind parasite called Mandrake. Oblivious of the fact, Yrcanos died seven days after the wedding, having been poisoned by Mandrake. (The Widow’s Assassin)

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