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Yasmin Khan



Yasmin Khan



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Latest Appearance:

The Power of the Doctor

Main Actor:

Mandip Gill


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PC Yasmin “Yaz” Khan was a companion of the Thirteenth Doctor and a junior police officer with Hallamshire Police. She lived in Flat 34 of the Park Hill estate in Sheffield with her parents Hakim and Najia, and her sister Sonya. She was a practising Muslim of Pakistani descent.

As part of Team TARDIS, Yaz often made use of her investigative skills to help The Doctor solve problems, versatile in the area, Yaz either questioned people for information or investigated items of interest. In addition, Yaz also had training in helping reassure and calm victims and survivors of horrible incidents. This often came in handy during adventures where they needed to gain the confidence and trust of people who could help out.


Yasmin was born to Hakim and Najia Khan (Arachnids in the UK) in late 1998. (A New Beginning, The Secret in Vault 13) She had a younger sister named Sonya, with whom she did not get along. (Arachnids in the UK)

Yaz begged her parents for a pet rabbit but was not allowed one because Hakim was allergic to animal fur. Instead she had a cuddly toy named Mister Hoppy. (The Secret in Vault 13)


As a child, Yasmin attended Redlands Primary alongside Ryan Sinclair. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) She was known to be attending primary school by at least 2004. (Time Lapse) Yasmin was placed in a class named for Rosa Parks. (Rosa) Her best friend was Poppy Hillman. Around 2008, when they “got to high school”, their friendship ended after Taylor Grant called Yaz an “Islamist terrorist”. (The Good Doctor) When she was twelve years old, she was best friends with another girl named Aisha and went on a school camping trip with her. (The Secret in Vault 13). In Year 10, she snuck into Danny Biswas’ house through the window. (Rosa)

Yasmin was also bullied by Izzy Flint, who left Yasmin feeling afraid for a whole year. (The Witchfinders) When things got particularly difficult, to the extent that it affected her grades at school, Yaz ran away from home. Convinced that she was “going to do something stupid”, Sonya reported her missing. Yaz was found on the moors by PC Anita Patel, who convinced her to face her problems by offering her a compromise:”Moments change. Look me up in three years. If I’m wrong, I’ll give you 50 quid. But if I’m right, you owe me 50p”. (Can You Hear Me?)

Yasmin studied criminology, and one of her lecturers on the subject once said that “unique was where answers lived”. (The Shadow Passes)


Around 2016, inspired by Anita Patel, Yasmin joined Hallamshire Police as a junior officer. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) Her police officer training included learning about measures to help children feel safe in stressful circumstances. (It Takes You Away) Yasmin encountered the effects of racism in the 21st century. She often had racial slurs like “paki” directed at her during her work as a police officer, and she was labelled a terrorist due to her Muslim faith. (Rosa) She was sometimes stationed at the city centre on a Friday night, (Case File Two) and dealt with many domestic violence cases. (Gatecrashers)


As a trainee on second-year probation, Yaz was often sent by her superior, Ramesh Sunder, to deal with small-time petty disputes. After vocalising her need for something more, she was sent to investigate an unidentified object in the Peaks outside Sheffield. There, Yaz found the caller was Ryan Sinclair, whom she recognised from school. Ryan insisted the call was not a prank and, though Yasmin didn’t initially believe him, touching the cold object led to her doing so.

After Ryan received a call from his grandmother, Grace, Yaz accompanied him to check on her, finding her train under attack from a mysterious creature. There, she encountered the Thirteenth Doctor. Yasmin, along with Ryan, Grace and the latter’s husband Graham O’Brien, helped The Doctor investigate and stop the pod’s occupant, a Stenza named Tim Shaw, from abducting Karl Wright. After Grace died while disabling the coil, Yasmin attended her funeral.

Yasmin later helped The Doctor construct a teleporter to get her to her TARDIS. Though meant to stay whilst she left, Yasmin, Ryan and Graham were also teleported into deep space with her. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Believing the pair to be bonuses in the Rally of the Twelve Galaxies, Epzo scooped Yasmin and the Doctor out of deep space and transported them aboard his ship – the Cerebos. Yaz awoke in a MediPod, stepping out to find The Doctor preparing to jettison the back of the ship, initiating a speed boost which caused them to crash onto the surface of Desolation.

On Desolation, she found Ryan and Graham, who had been similarly saved by Angstrom, Epzo’s rival in what would become the final stage of the rally. The rivals, with The Doctor and her friends in tow, were tasked by Ilin, masterof the rally, to race across the planet, the first to reach the finish line at the Ghost Monument would win 3.2 million krin and salvation from planet’s hostile surface. The Doctor discovered that the Ghost Monument was, in fact, her TARDIS, phasing in and out of reality. After The Doctor stabilised the TARDIS, Yasmin entered it for the first time and the Doctor attempted to take them home. (The Ghost Monument)


Attempting to land the TARDIS back in 21st century Sheffield, The Doctor failed several times to bring Yasmin home. When the TARDIS latched onto nearby artron energy and they landed 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, Yaz was excited to begin her first adventure in the past and was astonished to meet Rosa Parks. In Slim’s Bar and the Sahara Springs Motel, she recounted the famous historical event of Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger, starting the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

She also endured many of the effects of racial segregation in the 1950s. She was misidentified as Mexican instead of a British woman of Pakistani descent and this caused her to be denied service at the bar and she had to discretely enter the motel room through the back window. However, she was permitted to enter the buses in Montgomery through the front door and sit in the “white-only” section, unlike the black people who had to sit at the back of the bus. She remarked that she was unsure in her place in Montgomery due to the lack of citizens with Pakistani heritage.

Attempting to stop Krasko’s plans to alter history, Yasmin and the Doctor made sure Rosa Parks left work as a seamstress on time by giving her their clothes to mend. Yasmin chatted with Parks about her life, and the latter was surprised to hear that Yaz was permitted to be a police officer.

By making sure that the bus was crowded enough that Parks’s moment of defiance could happen, The Doctor, Graham, and Yaz reluctantly became the three extra “white” passengers that required Parks to move back. The three, as well as Ryan, then witnessed Parks’s historic arrest. Back in the TARDIS, The Doctor explained how Parks would be commemorated in the future, and Yasmin saw Asteroid 284996, also named Rosaparks, in space. (Rosa)


Yaz returned home to Sheffield in 2018 just half an hour after she had been transported into deep space. Noticing The Doctor’s sadness at the prospect of travelling alone, she invited her to tea at her family’s flat, along with Ryan and Graham. There, Hakim and Sonya teased Yaz who rarely brought friends home. However, her mother rang Yaz shortly after, asking her to pick her up and to not tell her father about it.

Claiming she was taking a parcel to Najia, she left her father, sister, Ryan and the Doctor and drove to Jack Robertson’s luxury hotel. She seemed impressed, but her mother confided that she had just lost her job as general manager. Robertson then appeared and had Kevin hold Yaz and Najia at gunpoint for trespassing, to which Yaz protested, asserting that they had no right and demanding to know why her mother had been sacked.

Yaz and Najia were shown a hotel room full of cobwebs, which no-one could explain. Left in the room, she was phoned by The Doctor, and the TARDIS team regrouped in the lobby, joined by Najia and Jade McIntyre. Her mother embarrassed Yaz when asking if she and the Doctor were in a relationship though was more irritated when asked the same of Ryan.
After the giant spiders were contained, she offered to get her family their bread, promising her mother she would tell her the truth about The Doctor when she returned. She decided to stay travelling in the TARDIS with The Doctor, a decision also followed by Ryan and Graham. (Arachnids in the UK)


Team TARDIS found themselves on Seffilun 27 in the 67th century. When they unearthed a sonic mine that The Doctor could not disable, all four were rendered unconscious. They were recovered by the medical ship Tsuranga and Yaz woke up after several days. Bound to Resus One, the ship was attacked by a Pting that Yaz helped The Doctor defeat. (The Tsuranga Conundrum)

Yaz and Team TARDIS travelled to the planet Gatan, arriving in the City of Radiant Stone in the midst of war. A lost young girl called Tondi took a shine to Yaz as she promised to help her find her mother while The Doctor, Graham, and Ryan investigated the area to see why it was destroyed. When two super-soldiers called Tumat and Kraytos appeared, Yaz ran with Tondi despite wanting to help The Doctor. Safely out of the fighting, Yaz and Tondi hid from a group of drunken revellers, celebrating the collapse of society, as they attempted to find Tondi’s Aunt Vela instead. Yaz eventually had to use her powers of command presence to intimidate a crook into leaving an innocent old man alone and quickly found Vela, who revealed that Tondi’s mother had died. With The Doctor eventually returning to Gatan, she reunited with Yaz as she helped lure Tumat and Kraytos into a teleport pad, forcing them to re-emerge in the same place as one combined being. With the new Chimera stopping the war, Yaz and Tondi visited The Freedom Thoughtcasting Network where the battle was being broadcast from and used Tondi’s painful memories to shut down the operation before Yaz had to go on her way. (The Warmonger)

On Proxima Ceti, Yasmin witnessed The Doctor outwitting carnivorous chessmen. (The Secret in Vault 13)

For Yasmin’s birthday, The Doctor brought her a Sontaran Frosted Boom Cake from Sontar, two zeppelins from the London Blitz and a candelabra from Paris. (Dr. Thirteenth)

The Doctor and her team were tasked with preventing the Genesis Seed stored in the secret Vault 13 within the Galactic Seed Vault from falling into the hands of Nightshade. (The Secret in Vault 13)

Yaz returned home to celebrate her grandmother Umbreen’s birthday. Umbreen told Yaz she was her favourite granddaughter and gave her a watch with a shattered face that was precious to her. However, Umbreen did not elaborate on the sentimental value of the watch, nor the lifelong accomplishments she spoke of. This caused Yaz to grow curious and she asked The Doctor to take her to see Umbreen when she was younger.

With the watch being put into the telepathic circuits, the TARDIS took The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham to a rural area in the Punjab on 17 August 1947, though Yaz had been expecting to be taken to Lahore in the 1950s from what her grandmother had told herof her youth. There they met Prem, who offered to take Yaz and the rest of Team TARDIS to Umbreen’s house.

Upon arriving at Umbreen’s house, Yaz claimed to be the sister of a third cousin of Umbreen’s uncle Malik from fifteen valleys away. However, her confusion intensified when she learned that Umbreen was engaged to Prem, who looked nothing like her grandfather in the photos she had seen. Prem was also Hindu, whereas all of Yaz’s family were Muslim. Realising she might not know her nani as well as she thought, Graham comforted her.

Yaz received henna art from her great-grandmother Hasna and spent the night before Umbreen’s wedding with them and the Doctor. The following morning, she witnessed her grandmother marry Prem at the Pakistani border with India, tying their hands together as part of a Hindu wedding rite. Later, she witnessed how Prem gave Umbreen his watch, the face shattering when he dropped it as he passed it over.

When The Doctor realised that Manish was a murderer, Umbreen fled to Lahore. While she was taking her possessions, Yaz found a map with Sheffield marked on it, with Umbreen explaining how she wished to travel to the “exotic” city.
Back at the TARDIS, she and the Doctor spoke of Umbreen’s life yet to come. She returned home to Umbreen in 2018 again. With henna still on her hands, Umbreen once again expressed distaste for her mother’s designs. Yaz asked her if she was happy with her life and Yaz’s grandfather, Umbreen said she was and expressed her love for Sheffield. Offering to tell Yaz the story of the watch, Yaz declined as she knew how much pain it had caused Umbreen. The two affirmed their love for each otheronce more. (Demons of the Punjab)

Team TARDIS arrived on Kandoka’s moon in +135 following The Doctor receiving a disturbing message in her Kerb!am delivery. Assuming positions as employees in the warehouse, Yaz was assigned to work in storage, where she quickly struck up a good working relationship with her new colleague Daniel Cooper. Yaz found Dan’s Arcadium necklace after his death, and when she asked a TeamMate for help, she was surrounded by delivery bots and ran away.

When Yaz met with the rest of Team TARDIS at the Home Zone, she mentioned Dan’s disappearance as one of the strange goings-on in Kerb!am. Subsequently, The Doctor, Ryan and Yaz left to confront Jarva Slade and Judy Maddox, and then discreetly investigated Slade’s office and found his paper records, circumspect in the heavily-automated systems at Kerb!am.
Once the suspicious activity was attributed to the system, Ryan took Yaz and Charlie Duffy to save Kira Arlo from the TeamMates, riding the conveyor belts to reach the Foundation Levels of the warehouse. Yaz watched in horror as Kira was killed by exploding bubble wrap. She witnessed the resulting confrontation as Charlie was revealed as the saboteur that planted the deadly bubble wrap in packaging in protest of the low quotas on human labour in Kandokan law. In the TARDIS, Yaz requested taking Dan’s necklace to his daughter and telling her how much her father loved her. (Kerblam!)

Although The Doctor attempted to take Team TARDIS to see the coronation of Elizabeth I, Yaz and Graham noticed the location did not seem correct. In fact, they had landed in Bilehurst Cragg in the early 17th century, during the reign of James I. Yaz was shocked when shortly after she arrived, she witnessed a witch trial where Old Mother Twiston was drowned. Yaz was introduced to Becka Savage as a witchfinder alongside the rest of Team TARDIS. While travelling to Becka Savage’s manor, she cast doubt on the superstitious traditions of the era.

Shortly after their arrival at the manor, The Doctor told Yaz to go to Willa Twiston and find out what she knew about the area. Coming across Willa’s ritual in memory of her grandmother, Yaz saw a mud tendril coming from the ground and violently smashed it with a shovel before Willa ran away. Yaz informed The Doctor about her encounter with the tendril. Analysing the sample, The Doctor expressed confusion that the mud read as no different than usual on her sonic screwdriver. Yaz and the Doctor visited Willa’s home, where they were served tea by Willa and comforted her due to the mistrust and suspicion of witchcraft that Willa experienced. Yaz, The Doctor, and Willa visited Mother Twiston’s burial site once more and encountered the living mud tendrils yet again, as well as the corpse of Mother Twiston which was possessed by the Morax.

When the encounter ended, Yaz witnessed the Morax take Becka Savage’s axe from the manor, before returning to Bilehurst Cragg in time for The Doctor’s trial for witchcraft. After yelling at the townsfolk to let The Doctor go free, she witnessed The Doctor’s escape from her chains, and Becka Savage being revealed as the cause of the Morax’s presence in the village. When Yaz tried to defend King James from being kidnapped, she was knocked out by Morax energy. After defeating the Morax for good, Yaz departed Bilehurst Cragg with the rest of Team TARDIS. (The Witchfinders)

Team TARDIS next arrived at a pizza parlour in New Port City, where they discovered the body of Iz. Yaz was crestfallen to see the Gornt’s dead body, and used her police skills to investigate the pizza parlour and Iz’s home. Yaz and Ryan discovered that Iz was a brilliant artist, and found teleportation coordinates to a party Iz had attended outside the Grey Zone. They teleported to the party’s location, but were instead kidnapped by Ronan Sumners, who planned to harvest their sperantium to power the city’s teleportation system. However, Yaz and Ryan were saved by Graham and the Doctor, and Sumners was accidentally ported into a Pizza-Porteroven. (Gatecrashers)

After helping The Doctor halt a war on the planet Lobos between the dog-like loba and the human colonists, Team TARDIS had to return to retrieve Ryan’s mobile phone. Accidentally, the TARDIS slipped almost six hundred years into the future, where the planet was now ruled by human zealots, served by slave loba. The zealots derived human superiority over loba from one joke by Graham, now worshipped as “the Good Doctor” while the real Doctor was forgotten. With women treated barely better than loba, Ryan and Yasmin were conflated into “St Rasmin”. Almost immediately Yasmin was arrested for walking without a male relative. In prison, she met and befriended Pry, the leader of the resistance. This helped The Doctor learn both sides of the story. In the end, The Doctor succeeded in uncovering the lie of the zealots, setting the record straight and brokering a lasting peace between humans and loba. (The Good Doctor)

Visiting 2018 Norway, The Doctor and friends discovered a strangely boarded-up and quiet cottage in the middle of nowhere. Exploring, they found a girl called Hanne hiding, terrified, as her father Erik had left her and she believed there was a monster in the nearby woods that took him. Yaz helped calm Hanne’s nerves and explored outside with Ryan. Meanwhile, when an upstairs mirror began to distort, The Doctor determined that it was some form of dimensional portal. Promising to find Erik, Yaz entered the mirror alongside The Doctor and Graham.

They ended up in an anti-zone, an area made to protect space-time, and after being led through by Ribbons and avoiding the flesh moths inside, they discovered the other side: a mirrored world where Erik was safe alongside Hanne’s mother, Trine, and Grace – both of whom had memories of dying and could not explain their presence. The Doctor explained to Yaz that they were in the Solitract plane, a conscious alternate universe that was exiled at the beginning of time as it was incompatible with the main universe and was now seeking friends, creating the figures of Grace and Trine as a result. With the reality falling apart, Yaz rejected the reality and was sent back into the anti-zone, managing to escape with the rest of the group. (It Takes You Away)

In the TARDIS, The Doctor discovered nine separate distress signals all coming from the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos, which they followed to meet a man called Greston Paltraki, a commander who had visited the planet to stop a threat there. They eventually discovered that he was being threatened by Tzim-Sha, the Stenza they met on their first adventure, over the safety of some strange mineral-shaped objects. Yaz was tasked with accompanying Paltraki to find out his original mission purpose while The Doctor met with Tzim-Sha and after they were nearly attacked by SniperBots, they found more of the strange objects.

Yaz eventually discovered Andinio and Delph of the Ux, being forced by Tzim-Sha to use their powers with his technology to stasis freeze entire planets, starting with Earth, with the objects being previously attacked planets. Eventually saving the Ux, Yaz worked with The Doctor to connect the TARDIS to Delph, using his memory of the planets’ original locations to teleport them back before they overwhelmed Ranskoor Av Kolos. It eventually worked, and with Graham and Ryan sealing Tzim-Sha in one of his own stasis pods, the Ux decided to see the universe with Paltraki and the Doctor’s group headed on their way. (The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

Sometime later, Yaz and her friends were treated by The Doctor to witnessing nineteen New Year’s Eve celebrations in a row from across history. Before reaching the twentieth, however, The Doctor was alerted to some non-terrestrial things attempting to come together in Sheffield. Landing at an archaeological dig site on New Year’s Day 2019, Yaz met Lin and Mitch who had uncovered an ancient burial site when a massive squid-like creature briefly appeared. Yaz led the two out of the area then, while trying to analyse the creature, Team TARDIS travelled to Graham’s house, meeting Aaron, Ryan’s father. As Ryan left to talk with him, Yaz returned to the TARDIS when The Doctor finally realised that the creature was, in fact, a Dalek.

Attempting to track The Dalek mutant, Yaz picked up Mitch and returned to Graham’s house where Mitch taught them about the legend of the Three Custodians defeating a similar creature in the ninth century. Discovering that the Dalek was a reconnaissance scout that had taken control of Lin, Yaz joined The Doctor in tracking it down to a farm.

The Dalek eventually let go of Lin and Yaz helped take her back to the TARDIS. After The Dalek rebuilt a casing for itself before meeting The Doctor and taking off to summon a fleet to Earth, the group picked up Graham and Aaron and went to corner The Dalek. After they used a microwave owned by Aaron to melt its casing, The Dalek escaped and took control of Aaron, although The Doctor eventually managed to jettison it into a supernova and save Aaron’s life, with Ryan finally forgiving him. Returning Aaron, Lin and Mitch to their lives, Yaz continued her adventures with The Doctor. (Resolution)

Yaz and the rest of Team TARDIS accidentally landed in 1601 Bohemia where they met famous astronomers Tycho Brahe and a young Johannes Kepler and joined them on a gathering of scientists in a nearby castle laid out by Baroness Dagmar Ruskovitch. Yaz struck up a friendship with Johannes and stayed with him. However, when the Baroness took an interest in him, he was forced to leave and Yaz accompanied Graham and a furious Tycho through the castle. They eventually encountered Ruskovitch attempting to show him knowledge from the future, and when they were spotted, she transformed into a centaur to try and kill them. When Johannes stopped her, she ordered Yaz, Graham and Tycho to the dungeon, where Yaz scared the gatekeeper into letting them out by recording a video of him on her phone. Escaping, the three discovered how the assembled astronomers had been paralysed by the Baroness’ orbs, so Yaz and Graham shattered them to stop the connection. With The Doctor and Ryan finally returning, she explained the situation before going to meet Ruskovitch again, where it was revealed that she and Dominik were actually trying to save the castle from the Catastrophia’s Herald being summoned in the cellar. With The Doctor and Ruskovitch hunting the Herald and sealing it away, Yaz stayed behind, helping Ryan convince the assembled astronomers never to make the events known again. (Herald of Madness)

When Yaz’s “time of the month” came, The Doctor helped her feel better by relaxing in the TARDIS’s Hungarian bathroom, giving her a hot water bottle and a barof creamy, delicious chocolate, and telling her the story about how her eleventh incarnation met Amelia Earhart. (Chasing the Dawn)

While asking her superior officer for time off, she was picked up by agents of MI6 and reunited with the TARDIS team. She helped defeat an invasion by the Kasaavin, who were aided by Daniel Barton and the Master. (Spyfall)

In the aftermath, Ryan and Graham chose to stay on Earth but Yaz opted to stay with The Doctor, noting that there was so much more of the universe to see. (Revolution of the Daleks)


After an argument with a Silurian, a Judoon, and a Hath, The Doctor and Yaz were trapped in a joke book, and had to work out what the oldest joke in the universe was to escape. (Knock! Knock! Who’s There?)

The Doctor took Yaz to 1605 only to discover history had been altered so the Gunpowder Plot was successful. Travelling to the night of the explosion, they witnessed Guy Fawkes being arrested and Berthold Schwarz take his place to cause the explosion. They failed to stop Schwarz lighting the gunpowder so fled and travelled back in time to meet his younger self. They discovered he inadvertently summoned an alien knight in an alchemy ritual and stole its gun, killing it. Yaz tried to interfere but was shot in the shoulder by Schwarz, so The Doctor got her back to the TARDIS and dealt with the wound. Once Yaz had recover, The Doctor explained to her that the alien knight had used its dying breath to curse Schwarz to be immortal until being shot by the last gun on Earth. They travelled forward in time to find Schwarz in the ruins of Earth and he agreed to help them put history right so they took him back to the Gunpowder Plot where the he convinced his younger self not to detonate the gunpowder, breaking the curse. (Black Powder)

Whilst visiting the hanging gardens, Yaz became separated from The Doctor and gave her a phone call as she waited by a waterfall. (A message from Yaz) The Doctor eventually responded to her explaining that she’d gotten distracted. (A Message from The Doctor)

Arriving in a forest, Yaz went to explore whilst The Doctor fixed the TARDIS’ biscuit dispenser. She interrupted the locals’ forest bride ceremony which enabled the intended bride to escape, and was forced to take her place. Yaz was trapped within one of the trees but was set free by The Doctor who turned the locals against the ceremony and deduced the forest was acrually leftover colony technology. (The Forest Bride)


The Doctor soon promised to take her friends to Woodstock, but they wound up in London instead. Recognising the date, The Doctor explained how, back in 2007, she and her friend Martha Jones had been displaced to this time and place by a Weeping Angel. Unsure as to why they’d been brought here, The Doctor sent her companions to watch her past self, the Tenth Doctor. Following him around all day, the companions found nothing suspicious. Though The Doctor intended to leave soon afterwards, Yaz convinced her to stay a while longer, noting the similarity to police investigations. As they followed the Tenth Doctor again, Yaz realised that he was tracking the temporal emissions of their TARDIS. To prevent this, Yaz approached him and claimed to be an agent of the Time Agency only for her bluff to quickly be called. When Ryan and Graham approached, The Doctor advised all three to turn around and not blink as a Weeping Angel had just approached. (A Little Help from My Friends)

After an incident with a squid, Team TARDIS was unexpectedly teleported to Tranquility Spa. Though intending to relax, a hole in the resort’s ionic membrane let in the native lifeforms, beasts known as the Dregs. After the creatures had abducted Benni, an ultimately futile rescue mission was mounted where it was found that the planet, Orphan 55, was actually a future version of Earth, destroyed by a nuclear war. Back in the TARDIS, The Doctor assured her companions that Orphan 55 was but a possible future for Earth and could be altered if the right choices were made in 2020. (Orphan 55)

Tracking alien technology in the 20th century, the group ran across Nikola Tesla who had found a Thassorian orb. Left with Tesla at his lab, Yaz was abducted by the Skithra who used her to force Tesla into repairing their damaged craft before The Doctor rescued them. The Skithra later made another attempt to invade Tesla’s Wardenclyffe laboratory only to be forced away when the tower conducted a lighting strike and sent their ship warping away. As the group left the 20th century, Yaz expressed dismay that Tesla would never be regarded as a genius in his own time but The Doctor assured her that the man’s legacy would live on forever. (Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror)

After roughly twenty minutes of watching The Doctor fiddle with the TARDIS, looking for traces as to The Master’s location, the group travelled to contemporary Earth to deal with a Judoon invasion of Gloucester. After speaking with the barista Allan, the group was led to believe that the Judoon were hunting Lee Clayton. Making their way to his flat, though losing Graham in the process, The Doctor bluffed that she was an Imperial Regulator and that Yaz was a local law liaison. Invoking the fictitious Article 12 to grant themselves an audience with Lee, the trio were invited inside the flat where the man agreed to meet the Judoon if his wife Ruth was taken to safety. As The Doctor took the woman away, Yaz and Ryan went outside to speak to the Judoon only to be teleported away by Captain Jack Harkness. Having been previously been told by Graham that The Doctor was now a woman, Jack had assumed Yaz to be The Doctor only for Graham to inform him that there were now three companions aboard the TARDIS. After being told that the Judoon were the reason for his malfunctioning scoop, Jack was forced to take his leave when the stolen ship’s security nanogenes began attacking him. Teleporting the trio back to Gloucester, he warned them of the “Lone Cyberman” and to make sure that it didn’t get what it wanted to rebuild the Cyber-Empire. When the trio reunited with The Doctor, they passed on Jack’s message before she revealed that the fugitive was an incarnation of herself, one she could not remember being, and feared that time was rewriting around her. (Fugitive of the Judoon)

During the Praxeus infection on Earth, Yaz and Graham were sent by The Doctor to investigate strange energy readings in Hong Kong. There they met DI Jake Willis, the husband of the missing astronaut Adam Lang. While investigating the warehouse, they came across advanced control panels, as well as Adam, and were attacked by figures in hazmat suits. Realising the figures did not want destroy the panels, Yaz threatened to destroy one of them to convince the figures to stand down. Rescued by The Doctor, Yaz elected to stay and find out what was going on with the advanced technology. Given one hour, Yaz was joined by vlogger Gabriela. Yaz realised the control panel was triangulating signals from two other places. After hiding from one of the hazmat aliens, and observing it teleporting away, Yaz and the reluctant Gabriela followed it. They found themselves in a submarine that had been reported missing. After finding a dead hazmat alien, Yaz discovered it was fully infected with Praxeus. When The Doctor joined them, they managed to stop the spread of the virus. (Praxeus)

After arriving on Calapia, the group were forced to shelter with the locals for three weeks due to the passing of the Death Moon. (The Shadow Passes)

The Doctor gave Yaz an in-depth tourof her TARDIS, during which she briefly told her about “Ruth’s TARDIS”. (TARDIS Tour)

Whilst visiting Hong Kong in 1972, Yaz and Graham bumped into Tung-Mei in a market and were taken captive by men pursuing her, who mistook a pendant Yaz had bought forone in Tung-Mei’s possession which she had dropped. They learned the men worked for Chen Luo, one of the most powerful men in Hong Kong, and discovered during an escape attempt that he was allied with the alien Kalatra. Chen kept them hostage and let them watch the duel for the Earth between his champion and his rival found by the Kalatra’s pendant – Bruce Lee, who arrived with The Doctor and Ryan. The team gave Bruce advice which enabled him to win, causing the Kalatra to abandon Chen, and then spent a few days in his company before departing. (The White Dragon)

While she was on a break from travelling, she had strange dreams relating to her encounter with Anita Patel three years beforehand. After helping The Doctor find and defeat Zellin, who was the cause of the nightmares, she met with Anita once again and gave her the 50p she owed her. (Can You Hear Me?)


The Doctor told Yaz she needed to “see a man about a dog” and refused to elaborate. The man turned out to be Karvanista who trapped them both hanging over an acid sea. They escaped and made it back to the TARDIS, heading to Earth to discover what Karvanista had meant by mentioning Earth’s “final hours”. Tracing him to Liverpool, Yaz and the Doctor discovered he’d kidnapped Dan Lewis and briefly encountered Claire. Reaching Karvanista’s ship, they split up with The Doctor telling her to find Dan. Yaz set him free and went to find The Doctor, however Dan being free enraged Karvanista who forced them all to flee in the TARDIS. The Doctor took them to investigate the Flux, landing the TARDIS on the edge of Earth’s solar system as it approached, only for the Flux to turn target the ship.

After The Doctor unleashed vortex energy on the Flux moments before it could engulf the TARDIS, (The Halloween Apocalypse), the collision of energies sent the ship and its crew through time to the Crimea in 1855. After briefly meeting Mary Seacole, Yaz and Dan suddenly continued falling through time with The Doctor promising to find them. Yaz found herself in the Temple of Atropos and encountered a Priest Triangle demanding to know if she could repair. Playing along, she followed it to the Mouri and met Vinder who was similary confused by where they were. Swarm, Azure and Passenger arrived and forced Yaz and Vinder to cooperate. Swarm killed two Mouri in addition to the two already broken and put Yaz and Vinder in their places. He revealed what he’d done to The Doctor when she arrived looking for Yaz and prepared to expose her and Vinder to the full force of time, wondering how long they’d last. (War of the Sontarans)

The Doctor saved them by taking the place of a broken Mouri herself and taking the force of time upon herself, hiding Yaz in her own time stream. Yaz was disturbed by inconsistencies in her time stream and was attacked by a Weeping Angel. When the Mouri retook their positions with The Doctor’s help, Yaz was returned to the Temple. After Swarm and Azure departed, they returned to the TARDIS with Vinder and dropped him off on his ruined home planet. Yaz checked her phone in the control room and was shocked when the Weeping Angel emerged from it, seizing control of the TARDIS. (Once, Upon Time)

After The Doctor rebooted the TARDIS to get rid of the Weeping Angel, she, Yaz and Dan arrived in Medderton on 21 November 1967. Whilst helping to look for a missing girl named Peggy, Yaz and Dan were touched by another Weeping Angel which sent them back in time to Medderton in 1901. They found Peggy who led them to an energy barrier showing what was happening in 1967. They were joined in 1901 by Professor Eustacius Jericho after he was caught by an Angel and witnessed The Doctor being surrounded by Weeping Angels in 1967. As The Doctor was turned into an Angel after being recalled to the Division, Dan had to stop Yaz from attempting to go to her aid through the energy barrier, as doing so would have resulted in her death. (Village of the Angels)

Yaz, Dan and Jericho spent three years in the 1900s following instructions from The Doctor, who had left a holographic message in Yaz’s pocket in case they were separated, to find clues to a potential coming battle for Earth. In 1904 they learnt the date of the future event was 5 December and consulted a seer for further details, who advised them to “fetch their dog”. Taking that as a clue to contact Karvanista they travelled to the Great Wall of China where they painted a message large enough for the Lupar to see from space in 2021, asking him to come rescue Dan. (Survivors of the Flux) By this time, they had been in the past for four years. (Eve of the Daleks)

Aboard a ship leaving China, they were attacked by a man, who committed suicide rather than be interrogated by them, and encountered Joseph Williamson briefly, who Yaz had previously met at the Temple of Atropos. Realising Williamson’s tunnels might be a way of moving through time, they travelled to Liverpool and entered them, finding Williamson again who explained his tunnels went throughout history. To their shock, a group of Sontarans suddenly invaded the Tunnels. (Survivors of the Flux)


This quest led the trio to 1807 China where they teamed up with legendary pirate queen Madam Ching to thwart a centuries-old plot by a piratical Sea Devil fanatic to flood the Earth using an artefact known as the Keystone. When The Doctor was about to sacrifice herself to defeat the Sea Devils, she admitted to Yaz that she returned her romantic feelings, but confessed that she “couldn’t” pursue them because “time [was] running out”; even after she made it out alive thanks to Sin Ji-Hun sacrificing himself instead, she declined Yaz’s offer to try and pursue a relationship despite the future risk, admitting that she couldn’t bring herself to entangle herself in such a way again at the risk of future heartache, but also earnestly stating that she wished her time travelling with Yaz “could go on forever”. (Legend of the Sea Devils)

Whilst the trio was investigating disappearances centring on Hydra Hall in 2022, Yaz was captured by alien traders and taken through a portal to their market. By the time The Doctor tracked her down, Yaz was already leading her fellow captives in an escape attempt. The Doctor helped her reach a portal back to 2022 but to Yaz’s horror didn’t make it through herself. The Doctor subsequently reopened it and reunited with her companions. (Hydra’s Gate)

The Doctor took her friends to visit the edge of reality however there she became infected with a psychic virus which erased them. After restoring the people erased by the virus with the help of Cleo Proctor, The Doctor planned to find her friends. (Salvation)

Yaz was chased into the sea by some wasps when she visited a beach for a picnic with Dan and the Doctor. Dan saw this before it happened through a pairof Preventacles and mistakenly believed Yaz was drowning. He ran into the water to rescue her, only to find she was still sitting on the sand with The Doctor. (Fear of the Future)


While dealing with strange events in Villa Diodati, concerning Mary Shelley, the TARDIS team finally encountered the Lone Cyberman. Despite Yaz’s and the other members of the team’s warnings, The Doctor gave up the Cyberium to save Percy Shelley. (The Haunting of Villa Diodati)

Travelling to the far future to stop the Lone Cyberman, Team TARDIS helped the last humans escape the last of the Cybermen. However, Yaz, with Graham, got separated from Ryan and the Doctor and ended up on a Cyber-Ship containing an army of Cybermen. (Ascension of the Cybermen)

“You said to the Doc that you thought she was the best person you’d ever met. But you know what, Yaz? I think you are”. (The Timeless Children)

Eventually, with the help of empty Cyber-Suits, Yaz was reunited with Ryan, Ethan, and Ko Sharmus. Together with Ravio and Yedlarmi, the group entered the Boundary and found themselves on Gallifrey. There, they met up with The Doctor, who eventually sent them away to sacrifice herself to stop The Master with the Death Particle. However, Yaz did not know of Ko Sharmus taking The Doctor’s place and presumed her dead. (The Timeless Children)


When a temporal crisis made itself known, the TARDIS made an emergency landing in the Third Doctor’s UNIT HQ laboratory, with UNIT HQ having turned into a Waypoint teeming with vortex energy by its experience passing through a singularity into the anti-matter universe. The temporal disturbances were also having an effect on The Doctor herself, who didn’t recognise the lab as anywhere she’d been before, even after Yaz found “John Smith”‘s badge and frilly shirts. With K9 Mark IV’s help, the two were able to charge up the TARDIS with vortex energy and make a quick hop to another location, where they met Sil, who sold them technology to help the TARDIS recharge faster using the unrefined vortex energy. After The Doctor briefly visited Atlantis, they returned to the UNIT lab where The Doctor finally remembered the place and realised she was losing some of her symbiotic nuclei, causing her memory troubles. (Lost in Time)


After Dan departed following an encounter with the CyberMasters, Yaz accompanied The Doctor as she fell into a trap set by the Spy Master. After she was captured by Daleks, Yaz fled back to the TARDIS and received a broadcast from the Master showing the captive Doctor. Using her post£it notes to fly the TARDIS she honed in on thd broadcast in time to witness The Master force regenerate The Doctor into himself. After abandoning him on an asteroid, she was guided by an AI hologram and rescued Vinder. Together they forced The Master to reverse the process, restoring The Doctor.

After The Doctor saw to the failure of the Master’s plans, she was mortally wounded by him and Yaz ran out of the TARDIS to retrieve her, carryign her to safety. As The Doctor began to regenerate, she asked to go on alone and took Yaz for a final trip to get ice cream, which they ate together sat on top of the TARDIS. Afterwards The Doctor dropped Yaz back on Earth, where she met Dan and Graham on their way to a meeting of former companions. (The Power of the Doctor)


Yasmin was ambitious. Although outwardly confident, she wasn’t overly so, and was aware that she still had much to learn, she viewed “every day [as] a learning day”. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) She held high aspirations, telling Rosa Parks that she wanted to be at the top of the police force. Despite enduring racism in American 1955, she spoke positively, thanking Rosa Parks for making it possible for her to be a police officer, and that (despite the hard times) America would eventually have a black President. She had a sense of humour and joked about her supposed Mexican blood when she was misidentified in Montgomery. (Rosa) She rarely brought friends home and her family considered her to be “married to her job”. (Arachnids in the UK)
Yasmin was known for her strong will. Despite numerous racial slurs hurled at her during the course of her life, Yaz refused to let it get her down. Instead she worked hard to be the better person. (The Good Doctor, Rosa, The Witchfinders) Though she was bitter at the memory of such things costing her friends. (The Good Doctor)

Yaz had a dislike of “being on duty at the city centre on a Friday night”. (Case File Two) Her phone background was a selfie taken by The Doctor featuring herself, The Doctor, and Dan. (Hydra’s Gate) She was not arachnophobic, (Case File Four) and liked Carly Rae Jepsen’s music. (At Childhood’s End) She also didn’t like playing video games. (Once, Upon Time)

Yasmin was naturally curious, never failing to leap through into the unknown. (Praxeus, The Timeless Children), She considered travelling with The Doctor everything she had ever wanted. (Can You Hear Me?) She came to develop romantic feelings for The Doctor, but she did not admit her non-heterosexual feelings to herself for sometime. (Eve of the Daleks) Her mother, however, had already suspected her daughter was attracted to women. (Arachnids in the UK)


Her police experience meant that she was a good negotiator, capable of forming a truce between two opposing civilians. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) Her family liaison training helped her to provide support to those recently bereaved. (The Witchfinders) She was also skilled in helping calm people by reassuring them of something they believed in already. (It Takes You Away)

She had a good knowledge of history, recounting the significance of Rosa Parks’s refusal to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. She knew what time of day Parks was arrested and had some idea about her profession. This knowledge would help The Doctor keep history in order when Krasko’s actions put the past in jeopardy. (Rosa) Yaz was quite good at keeping herself from making verbal slip-ups when visiting the past, especially if it would affect her future. (Demons of the Punjab)

Yasmin had a lovely singing voice. (The Good Doctor)

While traveling alone with The Doctor, Yasmin became an experienced co-pilot in The Doctor’s TARDIS, a very rare skill for a non-Time Lord companion whichonly Clara Oswald had managed to do previously.

Yasmin proved capable of martial arts (Survivors of the Flux) including swordsmanship. (Legend of the Sea Devils).


* Yaz is the first televised companion of South Asian descent.
* Yasmin means “jasmine” in Arabic and Hebrew.
* Yaz is noted to be The Doctor’s companion during the events of the The Lonely Assassins, as she warns Yaz to stay in the TARDIS while she saves Larry Nightingale from a Weeping Angel.

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