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Davina McCall



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Bad Wolf

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The Church on Ruby Road

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Davina McCall was a television presenter.


By December 2023, Davina was the host of a television series that aimed to reunite “foundlings” with their families, by using DNA samples to search for an individual’s genetic heritage against a database.

In early December 2023, she filmed a segment of the show with Ruby Sunday, who had been abandoned nearly nineteen years prior, however the production was cut short after a heavy studio light nearly fell on Ruby and an electrical plug ricocheted against the back of Davina’s head, as the goblins began to weave bad luck into Ruby’s life.

Following that day, Davina was plagued by bad luck herself, being hit, thrown, bumped, knocked off a boat on dry land, and trampled by a moose, resulting in a broken arm and a leg, restricting her to the use of a wheelchair.

On Christmas Eve, she called Ruby to inform her that the DNA search had been in vain as there were no matches, and to ask her if she had been experiencing bad luck as well. The telephone call was cut short when a goblin attempted to make a Christmas tree fall on her, but she was saved by the Fifteenth Doctor who had travelled back in time from later that day. (The Church on Ruby Road)


By 200,100, the Davinadroid was a robotic voice that controlled the Big Brother House. (Bad Wolf)


Davina McCall presents Long Lost Family, alongside Nicky Campbell, which has aired on ITV since 2011. The series helps those desperate to find long lost relatives. It explores the background and context of each family’s estrangement and tracks the detective work and often complex and emotional process of finding each lost relative before they are reunited. Her character presents an unnamed similar series in The Church on Ruby Road.


According to the Eleventh Doctor, in March 2012 there was a meteor with the face of Dermot O’Leary, but upon burning up in Earth’s atmosphere it shrank to the size of a pea which resembled Davina McCall. (The Doctor’s Guide to 2012)

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