Twice Upon A Time

Twice Upon A Time

Twice Upon A Time


Discover the new Doctor Who classics.

Still reeling from his encounter with the Cybermen, the First Doctor stumbles through the bitter Antarctic wind, resisting the approaching regeneration with all his strength. But as he fights his way through the snowdrifts, he comes across the familiar shape of a blue police box, and a mysterious figure who introduces himself as The Doctor…

Thrown together at their most vulnerable moments, the two Doctors must discover why the snowflakes are suspended in the sky, why a First World War Captain has been lifted from his time stream moments before his death, and who is the mysterious Glass Woman who knows their true name. The Doctor is reunited with Bill, but is she all she seems? And can he hold out against the coming regeneration?

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Chapter titles

Unexpected Meetings
The Captain
Inside the Box
Cats and Space Adventures
The Glass Woman
Escape to Danger
A Dance to the Music of Time Lords
The Ruins
Heart of Glass
Old Friends
The Tower
Enter Rusty
A Whirlpool in Time
The Hopes and Fears of All the Years
The Long Way Round
Fear Makes Companions of Us All
The Doctor Rises


Heather’s fate is elaborated upon, and Bill’s inability to remember her is addressed. Nardole also reveals what happened to him aboard the colony ship after the events of the DoctorFalls.
The conversation between the two Doctors on Villengard is extended, the Twelfth Doctor is able to explain to the First what his reasons are for refusing to regenerate. They are also attacked by Dalek mutants before entering the tower, and the First Doctor wards them off with the sonic screwdriver.
The First Doctor accepts the Twelfth Doctor as a future incarnation much earlier.
The Testimony reveal that they know The Doctor’s name.
The First Doctor’s final words are slightly changed, and more dialogue is added.
The Captain reveals his first name much earlier, as he introduces himself to Bill as Archie.
The Twelfth Doctor’s ring is identified as his wedding ring in honour of River Song.
The Doctor recalls meeting all the people whose names he uses as nicknames for his first incarnation.


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