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Our masters are driving us into hell – are we too afraid to stand and fight?

Chinese General Xiaolian might seem like a ruthless soldier, but when the Monks force her and her colleagues to confront their potential future, she is appalled. Shocked by the dead planet that she sees, Xiaolian has a change of heart. “No, I say, no. I have seen the future, I have seen death – and whatever my orders, whatever the generals say, I say no.”

Persuading her fellow officers that they can change things, she empowers them to make peace and stop fighting – “Friend, I will not fight you.” Xiaolian might have convinced her fellow soldiers, but she hasn’t convinced the Monks, and is shocked to discover that their truce has made no difference: the world is ending somewhere else. As the Doomsday Clock gets ever closer to midnight, Xiaolian bravely heads into the pyramid with Brabbit and Ilya to make a deal with the Monks, but sadly becomes their next victim.

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