The Wreck of the Titan

The Wreck of the Titan

The Wreck of the Titan

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Alexander Siddig (Captain), Christopher Fairbank (Professor), Miranda Raison (Tess/Myra), Matt Addis (Teddy/John)


‘It’s the biggest ship the world has known – and in just twenty minutes’ time it’s going to hit an iceberg the size of Ben Nevis!’

The North Atlantic is a treacherous place at the best of times. 14 April 1912 is the very worst of times. The Doctor and Jamie find themselves trapped aboard the RMS Titanic, 400 miles off Newfoundland and heading towards a conclusive appointment with destiny.

But the iceberg isn’t theironly problem. Down in the inky depths, something is hunting: something huge, hostile and hungry. This should certainly be A Night To Remember.

Written by: Barnaby Edwards

Directed by: Barnaby Edwards



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  • The Wreck of the Titan was the one hundred and thirty-fourth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions
  • The story shares its title with Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, a novella by Morgan Robertson that was published in 1898, but which eerily predicted many aspects of the 1912 Titanic disaster. A 1912 reprint of the book is featured in the narrative.
  • The Doctor mentions the Drashigs and the miniscope. (Carnival of Monsters)
  • When Jamie asks if the TARDIS can withstand a squid attack, The Doctor states that he once survived a giant squid attack on one of the moons of Delta Magna. (The Power of Kroll)
  • When The Doctor figures out the circumstances, he refers to the events of The Mind Robber.
  • The Doctor has referenced being on board the Titanic on several occasions, while Rose established that he was present for her launch (but apparently not on board) during his ninth incarnation. The Tenth Doctor found himself aboard a spacecraft duplicate of the Titanic in Voyage of the Damned.

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