Main aliases:

Wrack, Captain





Main actor:

Lynda Baron


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Captain Wrack was an Eternal who participated in the race across the Sol system for Enlightenment. She was in league with the Black Guardian and channelled the power he gave her to destroy her competition. For the race, her ship, the Buccaneer, was modelled on a pirate vessel and she sabotaged her opponents’ ships from a secluded room in the bottom of her ship. The Fifth Doctor and Turlough threw Wrack and first mate Mansell overboard into space before they reached the Enlighteners. As they were Eternals, they were merely displaced, and didn’t truly die. (Enlightenment)

Behind the scenes

“Wrack” is an old word meaning “Destroyer,” which reflects Wrack’s personality.


Turlough has been divested of his spacesuit and is dragged through the Buccaneer then thrown down onto a carpet by an African pirate.)
(Turlough crawls forward until he sees the shiny leather boots of a Lady Buccaneer. Everyone say Hi! to Linda Baron, last heard on Who singing the Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon in the Gunfighters.)
WRACK: Just what I’ve been waiting for.
(She swishes a cutlass through the air above Turlough’s head. He ducks.)
WRACK: The balance is perfect. A handsome gift. For Captain Davy with my compliments.
MANSELL: A staggering jewel for a rival.
WRACK: May it have as great an impact as my present to the Greek. Deliver it. And these. But first, the invitation to Captain Striker. He can’t refuse. Not with live bait wriggling on the hook.

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