A World of Demons: The Villains of Doctor Who

A World of Demons: The Villains of Doctor Who
A World of Demons: The Villains of Doctor Who


“One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel”— Jean-Antoninette (“Reinette”) Poisson, aka Madame de Pompadour, “The Girl in the Fireplace”

What a world of demons Doctor Who has presented us with over the past seven decades: from Daleks and Cybermen to Weeping Angels and the Silence, the greatest villains of the Who-niverse have achieved an iconic status all their own, cementing themselves in the minds of millions of viewers (why else would Parker Brothers have devised a version of Monopoly after them?). If, as the Seventh Doctor once said, “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies” The Doctor is great indeed, rescuing the universe time and again from some of the most formidable and terrifying villains in science fiction history. Now, for the first time, an entire anthology of essays is dedicated to deconstructing this gallery of blackguards. Who are the greatest Who villains of all time? Why are they so frightening? And—apologies to Shakespeare— what do they tell us about the villainy of our own fears?

Featuring essays by Joseph Dougherty (executive producer, Pretty Little Liars; producer, thirtysomething), Steven Ashby, Anton Binder, Sarah Corey, Ken Deep, Jan Fennick, Hannah Friedman, Mark Givens, Nancy Hutchins, Jennie Jarvis, Don Klees, Chris Kocher, Robin Koman, Charles Martin, Michael Robinson, Steve Sautter, and Shane Thomas.

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