The World Beyond The Trees

The World Beyond The Trees
The World Beyond The Trees

Regular Cast

Nicola Walker (Narrator)


Doctor Who: Short Trips Monthly is a series of new short stories read by an original cast member.

Release #25 is Liv Chenka story with The Doctor.

MedTech Chenka is alone. No Doctor. No TARDIS. No Molly O’Sullivan. But the strange environment she’s stranded in is about to get even stranger, with Liv the only one who can help out. There’s a message here, for her, and for someone very far away…

Producer Ian Atkins
Script Editor Ian Atkins
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written by: Jonathan Barnes
Directed by: Lisa Bowerman


This story is available for download only.
This story was recorded at the Sound House on 17 May 2016.
This story takes place during the events of Damascus.
Liv Chenka hopes that one day she will say goodbye to her father. (Absent Friends)
Liv mentions Nixyce VII, (The Traitor) and the Orpheus. (Time’s Horizon)


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