Will Chandler

The Awakening



Will Chandler



Place of Origin:



The Awakening

Main Actor:

Keith Jayne


Will Chandler was a young resident of Little Hodcombe in 1643. That year, Will hid in the church from the English Civil War battle which was fought there and saw the Malus. He was transported to 1984, where he was found by the Fifth Doctor and told him what he had seen. Will later threw Sir George Hutchinson into the jaws of the Malus, destroying them both, and the Doctor promised to return him to his own time. (The Awakening)

The Doctor and Will were accompanied by Jane Hampden. (The Hollow Men)

Soon after leaving Little Hodcombe, The Doctor and Will encountered a race of giant lizards. The Doctor succeeded in returning Will home after about a month of trying. (The King of Terror)

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