WhoTalk commentary CDs

A range of CDs containing alternative audio commentaries for Doctor Who DVDs.
The range was launched by Fantom Audio in late 2015, some time after the DVD releases of the recently-discovered The Web of Fear and the Enemy of the World. Due to the rush-release nature of those DVDs, they did not contain any audio commentaries (or indeed any extras at all), leaving a gap which Fantom were happy to fill by providing their own commentary on CD. After those two initial releases, the range continued in 2016, but branching out to include stories whose DVD release already did include a commentary.

The WhoTalk CDs do not contain any audio from the story itself, hence are intended to be played simultaneously While watching the DVD. Depending on the release, usually 1 or 2 alternative commentaries are provided per episode. Web-exclusive”special editions” with an additional disc are also available from the Fantom website when you buy certain combinations of 2 releases together.

WhoTalk: The Web of Fear
WhoTalk: The Enemy of the World
WhoTalk: The Dæmons
WhoTalk: Day of Armageddon
WhoTalk: Remembrance
WhoTalk: An Unearthly Child
WhoTalk: Cyber60s
WhoTalk: The Green Death
WhoTalk: The Claws of Axos
WhoTalk: Adventures in Time
WhoTalk: Adventures in Space
WhoTalk: The Talons of Weng Chiang
WhoTalk: Earthshock Commentary
WhoTalk: The Edge of Destruction
WhoTalk: The Monster Era
WhoTalk: Survival Commentary
WhoTalk: Revenge of the Cybermen

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