Who’s There?

ho's There? The Life and Careerof William Hartnell

ho's There? The Life and Careerof William Hartnell
Who’s There? The Life and Careerof William Hartnell


My grandfather was a Time Lord…
…He arrived at the fete, wearing his Doctor Who costume, in an open-topped vintage car. It wasn’t quite the TARDIS (after all you could never guarantee where the TARDIS was going to land), but it was spectacular enough for Pembury, the village in Kent where my parents lived…

William Hartnell took the leading role of Doctor Who towards the end of a long acting career that was as successful as it was varied.

He played musical light comedy, he played a succession of mean, crooked and bullying sergeant-majors, he played a time-travelling eccentric.

He appeared in more than 75 feature films, in countless stage performances and in several television programmes in addition to Doctor Who.

Jessica Carney’s closely-researched of her grandfather includes stories from many of the hundreds of stars and screen with whom he worked, among them Richard Attenborough, Verity Lambert, Bob Monkhouse, Carole Ann Ford, David Langton and Lindsay Anderson.


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