Who Is The Doctor

Who Is The Doctor
Who Is The Doctor


“This is the kind of book to keep with you when watching (or re-watching) the series and dipping into when you have an idle moment.” — Steven Silver’s Reviews

“Who is The Doctor is a strong addition to the many volumes written about the new show, and one that, I suspect, will be referred to long after the more cerebral analyses have faded into oblivion.” — Sci-Fi Bulletin

“A thought-provoking and educational supplement to the first six series of the re-launched Doctor Who.” — Boomerocity.com

“This is one of the finer episode guides I have run across for any show, and highly recommend it for any fan of the ninth, tenth, or eleventh Doctor.” — BookGuys.ca

“Graeme and Robert have a talent that might be considered rare in TV criticism — even when you don’t agree with their assessments, they’re never insulting about it, and they always explain themselves.” — Craig Byrne

There is something so special about Doctor Who. The show that put kids behind couches made lifelong fans of us all. This great “companion” helps us navigate the deepest levels of the amazing Russell T Davies/Stephen M offat reimagining of one of the greatest series of all time. Who is your Doctor? – Mark Sheppard, actor (Canton Delaware III on Doctor Who)

An incisive, unpretentious, eminently readable commentary on the first seven years of new Who. The authors’ easy but lively discourse makes for a thought-provoking dialectic – a joyful celebration of fan love. Un official episode guides don’t come much more engaging than this. – Benjamin Cook, writer for Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who is the television program that’s biggeron the inside. It’s no wonder that, after five decades on the air, The Doctor, TARDIS and his enemies are icons of British culture. Who Is The Doctor is a fun and insightful guide to Doctor Who’s triumphant return to television in 2005. Doctor Who experts Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? bring insights into everything about the New Series, including:

an in-depth assessment of every episode of the first six seasons of the New Series, examining each story’s place in Doctor Who history, the characters and the ongoing story arcs, along with trivia, nitpicks and thoughtful, irreverent reviews
special examinations of Doctor Who history from the Classic Series
sidebars on the writers, creators, actors and spin offs such as Torchwood, the theme music, the sonic screwdriver and more


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