Trial of the White Worm

Trial of the White Worm

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Geoffrey Beevers (The Master), Michael Cochrane (Colonel Spindleton), Rachael Stirling (Demesne Furze), John Banks (Carswell/Mercenary), Becci Gemmell (Julie), Mark Field (John)


The legend dates back to Roman times, at least: a great White Worm, as wide as a man, slithers out of the rocks of the Dark Peak Gap to take animals, sometimes even children, for its food.

When The Doctor and Leela arrive in the wilds of Derbyshire, only to get caught up in the hunt for a missing girl, they soon discover that the legend of the Worm is very much alive – even now, in 1979.

Worse still, it seems that The Doctor isn’t the only renegade Time Lord on the trail of this deadly and mysterious Worm…



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  • Trail of the White Worm was the fifth story in the first series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures.
  • Leela describes the serpent as being “as wide as a greedy child and as long as four men stretched out on a rack.”
  • This is the first Fourth Doctor story in performed Doctor Who to feature The Master since Logopolis in 1981.
  • The Doctor offers liquorice allsorts to Julie Ledger and John Grove.
  • Julie and John find mummified corpses in Demesne Furze’s home, White Cottage.
  • The Doctor was once imprisoned in the Towerof London on the Duke of Exeter’s daughter.
  • After finding the TARDIS, Carswell claims that he has not seen a police box since going to Derbyshire in 1952.
  • The Master stays true to form and initially adopts an alias. In this case, it is “Mwalimu, ” which is Swahili for “teacher” or “master”

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