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Thirteenth Doctor


Graham, Yaz, Ryan


First Doctor, Susan, Second Doctor, Jamie, Third Doctor, Jo, Fourth Doctor, Sarah, the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Sixth Doctor, Peri, Seventh Doctor, Ace, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Rose, Tenth Doctor, Martha, Eleventh Doctor, Amy, the Twelfth Doctor, Bill

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London, 2 June 1953

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John Ross

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Doctor Who The official Annual 2019

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1 November 2018



Doctor Who annual stories


Part 1

Sometime in the future, a blue humanoid robot enquires to Colby, an insectoid creature, whether the woman before them is the correct one. He confirms she is, Eva De Ville, the most feared assassin in the Twelve Quadrants. While he questions if she is really an assassin, she demonstrates her skill and is hired for the job to assassinate The Doctor. The robot however is unaware where she is, having been last seen falling to Earth. While they thought she died, they picked up multiple energy traces in one time, place and day, the second of June, 1953, the cornonation of Elizabeth II. Eva asks if there’s anything else she should look out for, which the robot replies with the TARDIS. Before she leaves, the robot tells her to be discreet and to clean up traces of extratrrestrial activity as it’s bad for business. She exits the building.
She finds herself outside the TARDIS and decides to wait for her there, before an old man dashes past with his granddaughter being chased by a creature with lasers spewing out of its one eye. Eva takes care of the creature as she had been instructed to clean up extraterrestrial activity, saving The Doctor and Susan.

Soon, outside of Buckingham Palace she locks into the signal from the row of guards, where the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon are dressed up as the royal guards. Eva detects another alien, this time one with devil-like features also dressed up. She’s able to subdue it while The Doctor and Jamie run away from it. She wonders how many aliens she’ll have ot deal with before locating another signal pointing to the direction of the Thirteenth Doctor.

Looking for her target, she sees the Third Doctor riding a green Bessie with Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith and the Fourth Doctor offering a jelly baby to a purple alien in a suit, the Fifth Doctor and Tegan Jovanka encountering a snake creature, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown with a robot next door to them, the Seventh Doctor and Ace encountering orange humanoids from another realm which The Doctor defeats at chess, The Doctor battlng a fire creature and a large robot, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler with Autons behind them, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble tackling a large winged humanoid with a bow and arrow, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond with The Doctor wearing a crown and the Twelfth Doctor showing Bill Potts the coronation to which she preferred that of Victoria’s.

At 4:30PM Eva shows fatigue with having to deal with all the alien threats that plagued The Doctor, before deciding to check inside the Queen’s chariot to see if she’s there, but instead she’s met with an alien disguised as the queen who boots herout. She calls the CEO telling her she gives up, unable to locate her anywhere. The CEO tells Colby to disconnect her, before spotting heron the balcony with Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.

Part 2

A sweeper is cleaning what’s left behind of the cornonation, before Eva runs into him, clearly frustrated at her failure to assassinate The Doctor. Meanwhile the Thirteenth Doctor shows up to the scene, pursued by a lizard creature. Eva spots her and decides to get to her before the lizard can. The Doctor spots Eva has a transmat beacon and that she shouldn’t have one and attempts to teleport her to the CEO, but instead the lizard creature wraps its tongue around Eva and the Doctor lets go, so she takes the lizard. The Doctor realises that she’s seen her before loads of times, recollecting the memory of her encountering everyincarnation. She calls for Graham O’Brien and tells Team TARDIS that she needs to follow that lizard.
Meanwhile, Eva lands back to where the CEO is, him enraged at her failure. Colby hides behind the CEO in fear of the lizard creature. The CEO states that The Doctor is heading for them, so she lacks the element of surprise. However, he doesn’t see her coming when the TARDIS crashes through the wall, destroying him. She questions who Eva is, she tells her that she’s an assassin hired by the CEO. The Thirteenth Doctor remarks she’s a rubbish assassin as all she’s done was save her life rather than end it, thirteenth times. Eva is shocked that they were all her. Colby reveals that he is the chairman and the real mastermind behind the hit on The Doctor. She concludes that as he’s an insectoid ganger that he must be with the Phasmatodea Cartel, at least now before she shuts it down. Colby threatens to kill The Doctor once and for all, however she tries to get him to back away because the lizard is behind him. He refuses and is eaten by the lizard who yells”DANGERRRRRRRR!” Eva attempts to leave but is stopped by Yasmin Khan who tells her she’s going to jail. Ryan Sinclair says only after they get the lizard home, but The Doctor tells them that the lizard is Elizabeth II.

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