The Promise


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Regular Cast

Sophie Aldred (Ace), Matthew Sweet (Seventh Doctor) (uncredited)[1]


Written by Pete McTighe
Directed by Pete McTighe
Produced by TBA


Ace is standing in heroffice reminiscing over her past adventures with the Seventh Doctor, when suddenly the sound of the TARDIS is heard and the Doctor knocks on her door and she runs off.

In the middle of the streets of London is a building standing tall, belonging to A Charitable Earth. In an office with a large wall-length window overseeing the Thames is a woman. Ace.

Ace thinks about what happened thirty years ago. How she was just a kid who thought she knew it all when she met him and he showed her the universe full of adventures: monsters, demons, friends, enemies, fights, justice and so much more…

The Doctor and Ace… teammates.

When suddenly, he let her go to make the world a better place. She says she loves what she does for a living now. But that she some times still look for him from heroffice-window because he left her with a promise that he would return one day.

Then she hears the sound of the TARDIS and sees a familiar silhouette behind the door and a question mark handle knocking on the door. She exclaims “Wicked”.

Ace grabs onto her trademark jacket and heads out the doorof heroffice.


  • The building housing Ace’s organisation A Charitable Earth appears.
  • Ace is looking out through the window in heroffice towards the Thames.
  • A picture of the Seventh Doctor and Ace is sitting on her desk table, along with a picture of her in Africa with a bunch of orphans, and some headphones.
  • The sound of the TARDIS is heard.
  • Ace has a coat rack on which hangs her signature jacket.
  • The Doctor knocks with his question mark umbrella handle.
  • The door to heroffice has roundel shaped windows.
  • This is the first actual depiction of Ace’s organisation, A Charitable Earth, which was mentioned by Sarah Jane Smith at the end of Death of the Doctor in 2010, and which was later expanded upon by Ace herself in the 2018 audio story In Remembrance.
  • Ace mentions knights from another dimension, (Battlefield) ghosts from the past, (Ghost Light) and horrors from the future. (The Curse of Fenric)


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