The Storyteller


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Regular Cast

Maureen O’Brien (Vicki Pallister), Shayla McCormack (Sophia), Peter Purves (Voice Over)


Written by Pete McTighe
Directed by Pete McTighe
Produced by TBA


Vicki is telling one of her stories. She conjures up images of the crash of the UK-201, speaking of how she was once a lost orphan on Dido before a battered old police box entered her life. In the TARDIS she found a home, and in Ian, Barbara, Steven and the First Doctor a family. Their many adventures changed her life, before eventually she arrived on Earth circa 1200 BC to her new family. Vicki then teaches a young child, sophia, about the importance of storytelling through many art-forms in order to keep stories alive, before Sophia urges Vicki to tell her another. Vicki remarks that Sophia’s mother was less interested when she was Sophia’s age, before asking which story Sophia would like. Her request is to hear the story about The Daleks and Dracula again.


  • It is strongly implied, though not explicitly stated, that Sophia’s mother is Vicki’s daughter. However, it could also be that Sophia’s mother is Vicki’s granddaughter, niece, or something else entirely.


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