The Final Battle


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Regular Cast

Louise Jameson (Leela), Dushane Keogh-Grenade (Axton), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Daleks), John Leeson (Voice-over)


Written by Pete McTighe
Directed by Pete McTighe
Produced by TBA


On the Last Day of the Time War, Leela watches the Fall of Gallifrey from a ledge. Axton, addressing, her as “Commander” comes to her. She tells him that Gallifrey has fallen, but they will face the end with courage. Axton offers her a Wayfinder, which will enable her to escape. She refuses. Axton explains that it is “his” wish that she survives – Leela asks who “he” is, and Axton explains that it is The Doctor, and that she is his only hope. He implores her to use the device, but is killed by a Dalek. Using a Dalek gunstick, she destroys it along with another Dalek. Four more Daleks surround her including the Supreme Dalek, who declares the Daleks victorious. She identifies herself, announcing herself to be a friend of the Doctor. The Daleks assure her that The Doctor and his allies will be destroyed, but she denies this, activating the Wayfinder. Detecting the transport, the Daleks attempt to exterminate her, without success.

Leela materialises inside The Doctor’s TARDIS, much to The Fourth Doctor’s surprise.


  • The Doctor participated in the Fall of Gallifrey. (The Day of the Doctor)
  • Leela refers to herself as a “Warrior of the Sevateem”. (The Face of Evil)
  • This is the first live-action appearance of Leela since Dimensions in Time although Louise Jameson did play a fictionalised version of herself in Home Assistant, which implied she had portrayed a fictional version of Leela.


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