24 Carat


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Regular Cast

Mark Halliley (Narrator), Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush), Catherine Cusack (Drinking Fountain), Edward Peel (Visitor from the Ice Colonies), Richard Gauntlett (Derek the Tetrap (Voice), Derek Handley (the Tetrap (Costume Performer), Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor)


Written by Pete McTighe
Directed by Pete McTighe
Produced by TBA


Several investors visit Melanie Bush to propose business ventures, and a mysterious old friend returns….


  • The Doctor gives Mel a copy of Doctor Who The Collection Season 24 as a present. He calls it a “boxset” which contains a “holographic six-dimensional record” of his and Mel’s adventures.
  • This marked Sylvester McCoy’s first official live-action return to the part of the Seventh Doctor since the 1996 TV movie (although he had reprised the part in audio plays as well as in a variety of unlicensed live-action productions, such as the film Gene Genius).
  • The first of Pete McTighe’s minisodes released in conjunction with The Collection to include Credits in the Youtube Release, Previously they were exclusive to the Version included on the Blu-ray Release.
  • In an article in DWM 561, Pete McTighe stated that Edward Peel was playing Kane’s twin brother.
  • Drinking Fountain’s business proposal for Mel is Paradise Towers as a hotel. Mel mentions the Towers’ previous reputation, to which Drinking Fountain replies that “most” of the robotic cleaners aren’t homicidal anymore. (Paradise Towers)
  • Doctor T. E. Hamster noted that Drinking Fountain was now the CEO of Blue Kang Travels in his article on Kroagnon’s legacy. (Reclaiming Kroagnon)


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