The English Way of Death

The English Way of DeathThe English Way of Death
The English Way of Death

He plans to destroy the world, next Tuesday.”

“How vulgar, “ replied The Doctor.“Nobody does anything of importance on a Tuesday.”

It’s the sweltering summer of 1930, and Londoners are enjoying the heatwave. The Doctor, Romana and K9 plan to take a rest after their recent adventures, but the TARDIS warns them of time pollution in the locality.

What connects the isolated Sussex resort of Nutchurch with the secret society run by the eccentric Percy Closed? Why has million aire Hepworth Stackhouse dismissed his staff and hired assassin Julia Orlostro? And what is the truth behind the infernal vapour known only as Zodaal?

The Doctor’s tribulations as he attempts to answer these questions will excite and enthral discerning readers throughout the land.


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  • The English Way of Death was the twentieth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It featured the Fourth Doctor, Romana II andK9 Mark II.
  • The Doctor mentions that he was present for the eruption of Krakatoa in August 1883 during either his first or second incarnation. (Inferno) During his ninth incarnation, he would once again be present for the eruption. (Rose)
  • The Doctor is seen to read with increditedible speed. (Rose)
  • London absorbed Nutchurch in 2415.

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