Novelisation of the 1988 straight-to- video spin off.

He heard his brother’s voice: ‘Johnnie! I can see you, Johnnie!’ Then had come the fall, and that terrible scream.

WHILE ON A SEEMINGLY routine delivery run for the Brigadier, Benton finds himself close to his childhood home, where ghosts from his past have never rested easily…

Trapped in a nightmare world where past and present are one, will he be lost foreveror can he fight his way back to reality, where he is desperately needed?

An exciting adventure from the Worlds of Doctor Who.

Wartime is based on, and expands upon, the 1988 Reeltime Pictures drama production Wartime. Available from www.timetraveltv.com. All characters are used with permission of the relevant rights owners. This book has not been licensed or approved by the BBC or any of its affiliates.


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