Number of DVDs: 1
Duration: 35 minutes
Release Date: 1987


Before THE STRANGER, SHAKEDOWN, DOWNTIME AND P.R.O.B.E. came the first independent DOCTOR WHO spin- off…

During all his years working for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, Warrant officer John Benton never failed in his duty – but once, long ago, he did.

While on a seemingly routine delivery run for the Brigadier, Benton finds himself close to his childhood home, where ghosts from his past have never rested easily…

Trapped in a nightmare world where past and present are one, will he be lost foreveror can he fight his way back to reality, where he is desperately needed?

Special Features

  • Includes the behind-the-scenes documentary The Making of Wartime.


In 1987, no-one considered an independent drama production based on DOCTOR WHO a possibility – only amateur films had existed before. This is the story of those early efforts, how WARTIME came about, the trials and tribulations of shooting on a shoestring budget and the legacy WARTIME has left behind…

Wartime (sometimes printed as War Time) was a short film produced in 1987 by Reeltime Pictures.
Technically, the comedy video Myth Runner predates Wartime as the first independently made fictional story tied into Doctor Who. However Myth Runner was a simple send up with more of a connection to the real world actors featured in it than any sort of “Whoniverse” storyline, as opposed to Wartime which is a dramatic continuation of Whoniverse characters and concepts.
Benton’s first name, John, is mentioned on-screen for the first time here, although in general fan usage during the 1970s, it was never actually used in Doctor Who.
First released on in 1987, only available as a mail order video.
In 1997 it was re-released with a selection of previous made fan-movies at the start of the video and additional material added to the main feature, there was also a ‘Making of’ feature on the video.

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