Doctor Who 5.5″ Warriors of the Deep (1984) Set

Doctor Who Flashback Collection Monsters Montage Tea Towel

Doctor Who Flashback Collection Monsters Montage Tea Towel

Limited to 5000 units

Character Options announces its first online exclusive Doctor Who collector set of 2022

Warriors of the Deep (1984), a new 3-piece set offers a once only chance to collect these iconic Silurian figures

Character Options has today revealed the next instalment of Doctor Who collectors’ sets, available exclusively online on the Character Options website.

The new Warriors of the Deep (1984) set includes the Three Command Silurian crew of Ichthar, Tarpok and Scibus as seen in the season twenty-one episode of the same name. Perfect for all Doctor Who fans and collectors, the set comes beautifully displayed in a special presentation pack with diorama insert and Doctor Who heritage packaging. These figures will only ever be available this one time only, and offers the perfect opportunity for fans to add to their collections.

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