Doctor Who and Warriors’ Gate

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Doctor Who And Warriors' Gate


Pages 124
ISBN 0-426-20146-9
Publication Date 15 April 1982


The Doctor and his companions are trapped in an E-Space universe, struggling to find the co-ordinates which will break the deadlock and take them back to Normal Space.

When all else fails, The Doctor suggests programming the TARDIS on the toss of a coin. Before he realises what is happening, that is just what Adric has done…

When the TARDIS arrives at its destination, according to the console read-outs the craft is nowhere – and nowhere is exactly what it looks like..



  • Romana’s farewell to the Fourth Doctor is handled differently, with more emotion and is less rushed than the televised version.
  • The fate of the rogue Gundan is revealed.
  • How the slavers spaceship ended up in the void is revealed.
  • K9’s fate is presented as a tragedy.
  • The ending is different from the televisted story, with Romana wandering off long after the spaceship explodes and the Doctor realising he can travel between universes with the mirrors.

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