The War Machines

The War Machines
The War Machines


“Doctor Who is required. Bring him here!”

London, 1966. The TARDIS materialises in the shadow of the newly-completed Post office Tower, and the Doctor senses a strange energy in the air. He instinctively knows that evil is at work nearby.

Posing as a scientist, The Doctor and his ‘secretary’ Dodo gain access to a suite at the top of the tower, and meet the driven Professor Brett. His life’s work, the thinking computer WOTAN, is about to be linked up in a problem-solving network with many other machines around the world.

But The Doctor is concerned. How can WOTAN possibly know the meaning of the word ‘TARDIS’ and about The Doctor’s travels through time and space? What is the strange control that WOTAN can exert over humans via a mere telephone call? And what is the computer’s link with the deadly robots being assembled in a Covent Garden warehouse? Soon, London will face an army of war machines, ruthlessly programmed to eliminate all who stand in their way…

Originally transmitted 25th June – 16th July 1966, this special video release features footage thought to be lost forever, painstakingly reconstructed from material recovered from the Australian censors! This new footage – unseen anywhere since 1966 – combined with a special introduction featuring the first public unveiling of a War Machine, on Blue Peter, and a feature on how the story was put back together piece by piece – makes The War Machines an essential purchase for Doctor Who fans everywhere.

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The War Machines was the tenth story of season 3 and first to feature Ben and Polly and the departure of Dodo

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