Warlock’s Cross

Warlock's Cross
Warlock’s Cross

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Tracey Childs (Klein), Russ Bain (Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Price), Genevieve Gaunt (Linda Maxwell), Richard Gibson (Colonel McKenna), Blake Harrison (Daniel Hopkins), Tom Milligan (Gregory Lord)


It’s time the truth was told. About UNIT. About the Cybermen invasion. About the so-called ‘Doctor’. About what happened all those years ago, at Warlock’s Cross. About the man they keep locked up in a cage, in a secret prison…

It’s time. Because UNIT scientific adviser Elizabeth Klein is going to help ensure the truth is brought to light.

Today’s the day… that UNIT falls.

Written by: Steve Lyons
Directed by: Jamie Anderson



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  • Ship can’t use deadly force without clearance from an organic operator. It originally had two pilots and needs a living agent to function.
  • Ship is thought-powered, phasing between dimensions. It’s out of phase with out reality, its molecules can become intangible or solidify with an electrical charge.
  • Dark matter cannons store dark matter in their batteries. They are capable of splitting Earth in half if fired into the core.
  • UNIT personnel train against psychic interference.
  • It has been 7 years, 3 months, 19 days since Operation: Warlock’s Cross. 8 scientists, 2 test subjects, and 1 alien perished in a thermal explosion.
  • After experiencing a psychic blast, Klein feels like the whole Dalek fleet crashed into her skull.
  • The Doctor mentions the Cascade of Crystal Tears.
  • Daniel believes that after Ship destroys Earth, the Cybermen will return and humanity will ascend to a higher state of being.
  • The sonic disruptor is connected to the Ship.
  • McKenna uses the callsign”Greyhound One”.
  • The Doctor offers to drain Ship’s batteries of psychic energy, shutting down it’s intelligence circuits and finally letting it rest.

The end of UNIT is nigh and truth will out! In Warlock’s Cross, the latest release in The Doctor Who Main Range, we’ll find out what happened to the survivors of the Cyber invasion when the Seventh Doctor reunites with UNIT’s scientific adviser Elizabeth Klein.

Warlock’s Cross, the third part of a Main Range UNIT trilogy, is out now. In an adventure that spans across three regenerations, Warlock’s Cross follows on from the Helliax Rift and Hourof the Cybermen.

Doctor Who – Warlock’s Cross is available now.

Steve Lyons, writerof Warlock’s Cross and creatorof Elizabeth Klein (who was first seen in 2001’s Main Range release Colditz), tells us what it was like writing for her again: “It was great to reunite with Elizabeth Klein after so long apart. But she is literally not the same character I wrote before, so I had some catching up to do – I had to work out what motivates this version of her.

“The same goes for Cyber-traitor Daniel Hopkins. Alan Barnes wanted a kind of Spooks vibe for this trilogy, with double and triple-crosses, so The Doctor will never quite know who he can trust.”

Doctor Who – Warlock’s Cross is available now at £14.99 on CD or £12.99 on download. All CD purchases unlock a download option via the Big Finish app and the Big Finish website.

Or you can save money by getting a subscription to The Doctor Who Main Range. When you subscribe you’ll get 30% off the price, free specially recorded Short Trips stories, PDFs of the scripts, and extended downloadable extras. You can subscribe for either 6 or 12 releases.

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