The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall
The Fourth Wall

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (the  Doctor), Lisa Greenwood (Flip Jackson), Julian Wadham (Augustus Scullop), Yasmin Bannerman (Dr Helen Shepherd), Hywel Morgan (Nick Kenton/Jack Laser), Martin Hutson (Matthew Howland/Lord Krarn), Tilly Gaunt (Olivia Sayle/Jancey), Kim Wall (Chimbly/Head Warmonger), Henry Devas (Junior/Warmonger)


Business is bad for intergalactic media mogul Augustus Scullop, whose Trans-Gal empire is on the rocks. But, having retreated to his own private planet, Transmission, Scullop is about to gamble his fortune on a new show, made with an entirely new technology. And the name of that show… is Laser.

Back in the real world, far from the realms of small screen sci-fi fantasies about monsters and aliens, The Doctor is interested only in watching Test Match cricket… but finds himself drawn into Scullop’s world when his new travelling companion, Flip, is snatched from inside the TARDIS.

So, while The Doctor uncovers the terrible secret of Trans-Gal’s new tech, Flip battles to survive in a barren wilderness ruled over by the indestructible Lord Krarn and his pig-like servants, the Warmongers. And the name of that wilderness… is”Stevenage”.



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  • The Fourth Wall is the second story in the 2012 Sixth Doctor audio trilogy.
  • The Doctor tells Flip that he is not as interested in cricket as previous incarnation and notes that many of his other incarnations are “astonishingly irritating.”
  • The Doctor is impressed by a reverse sweep in the match.
  • Nick Kenton refers to the Acteon Galaxy. (Carnival of Monsters, Planet of the Spiders)
  • Flip makes popcorn using the TARDIS’ food machine.

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