The Vykoids



The Vykoids

Main Aliases:

Forgotten Army


“The Forgotten Army”


Despite being possibly the smallest race The Doctor has ever encountered – reaching only a few centimetres in height, although in appearance they resembled trolls, The Doctor has described the Vykoids as a highly advanced race, stating that their civilisation must be Level Eighteen at least – Earth being only a Level Five planet at the time of their attack in 2010 – given their demonstrated level of technology, thus accounting for their arrogance in their dealings with Earth despite their significant height disadvantage. Their most obvious advanced technology is the time freeze, allowing them to slow down the rate at which they perceive time from the perspective of the rest of the universe, giving them the appearance that they were moving at superspeed, but they were also capable of controlling the minds of larger life-forms with a specially designed ‘control chair’ that connected to humans behind their ears.

When the Vykoids came to Earth, they were looking for slaves to help them mine the Desiccated mines of Cassetia 2, essentially massive lumps of animal waste that had been left by an ancient space-dwelling race that could be mined to form explosives. Arriving on Earth in the distant past, the Vykroids’ initial assault featured them arriving in a ship designed to resembled a woolly mammoth, the ‘ship’ being essentially a real mammoth with mechanical ‘organs’ (It was even capable of emitting genuine waste, although the purpose of duplicating the mammoth this specifically was never specified) with the intention of capturing Earth’s animals to use them as slaves. Unfortunately, after their cryogenic units malfunctioned, the Vykoids were subsequently ‘asleep’ for thousands of years before they could capture anything, forcing the commander to adapt the plan by arranging for the mammoth to be brought to a city. The mammoth was eventually discovered by Sam Horwitz, a research assistant who had discovered newspaper clippings talking about a treasure of prehistoric bones buried under Arctic ice in Svalbard, discovering it during a subsequent expedition.

With the mammoth having ‘woken up’ in the New York NaturalHistory Museum when it was about to be put on display, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy – The Doctor having taken Amy to New York to try and visit a burger and sausage place that served such good food it had a reputation even in the future – swiftly helping to stop the mammoth’s rampage by luring it outside so that it could be tranquilised. While investigating the mammoth after it had been taken to the zoo, The Doctor confirmed that the creature was artificial, but further examination was cut short when the mammoth generated a wave of green energy, activating the Vykoid time freeze and allowing them to begin their invasion.

Having cut the power to New York, the Vykoids proceeded with their attack, easily disarming any police attempts to capture them by taking away their weapons before the police realised what was happening – often humiliating them into the bargain by switching their clothes – While scaring civilians to direct them to a single area. After taking in the Vykoids’ plans, The Doctor and Amy tracked down Sam Horwitz and his friend, Polly Vernon, a high school teacher, The Doctor asking Polly to contact her students so that he could use them to find the source of the Time Freeze that the Vykoids were now broadcasting, taking advantage of the fact that the Vykoids would have no interest in the small children as slave labour. While the children searched the city, The Doctor, Amy and Sam examined the mammoth, determining that its interior was protected by the Time Freeze, with anyone inside it perceiving time as going far slower than those outside it, giving The Doctor a weapon that he could use against the Vykoids.

With the Vykoids having taken control of the city’s police commanders in order to trick the humans into travelling to a specific location – specifically, Broadway, claiming that it was the only area ‘cleared of terrorist devices’ – that would make it easy for the Vykoids to capture them, The Doctor, Amy and Sam took the mammoth to the Statue of Liberty, the Statue having been identified as the Vykoid control centre. Confronting the Vykoids in the Crown Room of the Statue, The Doctor was easily able to disarm the Vykoid commander – his reflexes slowed due to his reliance on the Time Freeze – and deprive him of his control rod for the teleport systems. Although the Vykoids tried to briefly gain the upper hand by taking control of Sam to threaten Amy, The Doctor was able to convince Sam to focus his mental strength and fight off the Vykoid influence, subsequently reprogramming the teleport systems to transport the Vykoids away rather than the humans. Although the commander initially refused to leave Earth empty-handed, he accepted defeat after The Doctor coldly informed him that he was showing more kindness to the Vykoids than they had ever shown to the species they had conquered, informing the Vykoid High Command that Earth had a great champion that the Vykoids couldn’t defeat.

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