Vortia Trear



Vortia Trear



Place of Origin:



The Year After I Died

Main Voice Actor:

Sarah Douglas


Vortia Trear was the founderof the Hope Foundation in 200, 101.

Ostensibly offering give the remains of humanity an opportunity for new lives beyond Earth which had been devastated by The Dalek invasion, she was in fact part of a rich elite which had always looked out for themselves. She led Trear Station, a repurposed facility to collect departures from Earth whom she intended to exploit for whatever purposes served her. She was overthrown when Jack Harkness and Silo Crook began a revolt on the station. Escaping with her assistant Gorky Sax, whom she had constantly abused, Vortia found herself betrayed as he removed her eyes which he needed to access her great wealth. (The Year After I Died)

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