Carnival of Monsters

Main Actor:

Leslie Dwyer


Vorg was a Lurman showman who came into possession of a miniscope by winning it off Wallarians through a successful gambling trick with three magum pods, a yorrow seed, and sleight of hand.
Vorg and his partner Shirna travelled to Inter Minor hoping to promote themselves and the Scope. Instead, they got caught up in Kalik’s schemes. They got in trouble with the authorities for importing the creatures in the scope. The Third Doctor, who had accidentally materialised his TARDIS in the scope, also confronted Vorg for using a device he had worked to ban from use, causing Vorg to explain its secondhand origins. When Drashigs escaped the scope, Vorg used his prior military service experience to kill them with an Eradicator. Vorg and Shirna later helped The Doctor rescue Jo Grant from inside the scope and send every species inside it back to theiroriginal times and places, though it caused the miniscope to combust. Stuck on Inter Minor without a creditedit bar to their names, Vorg and Shirna needed a quick windfall to fill their pockets. Vorg, remembering his success with the Wallarians, began to perform the same old shell trick to con Pletrac out of his money, and soon amassed a healthy profit. (Carnival of Monsters)

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