At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Volume 3: The Leisure Hive

At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Volume 3: The Leisure Hive
At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Volume 3: The Leisure Hive


(The CD inner sleeve contains a short essay by Peter Howell & a longerone by Mark Ayres. Peter Howell’s text is as follows:)

The music for the Leisure Hive stands out in my recollection for two reasons. Not only was it my first attempt at science fiction incidental music but also it was the most expansive of all the scores I wrote for Doctor Who. It was the product of my naivety in a way, because looking back on it now, the music seems almost too large and too omnipresent for the likes of TV.

Lovett Bickford, the directorof the Leisure Hive, approached it with no preconceptions and with the full intention of giving people a ‘ride for their money’. I had been surrounded for years by numerous boxes of tricks at the Radiophonic Workshop and the opportunity had arrived to use them with no holds barred.

The music was written and constructed using a variety of techniques: multi tracking, tape manipulation, voltage controlled sequencing, and odd methods that even I can’t now recall. Into this mix was thrown my enthusiasm for classical pieces, and the result was the trumpeting march as the spaceship lands and later in the story, the Bolero-like piece accompanying the army of Dr Who’s, with many incidental pieces along the way.

I still remember how much I enjoyed doing the music, it was one of those rare occasions when I was able to write completely freely, without any formula to constrain me. After such a first experience, everything else is relative.

– Peter Howell

Track listing:

Doctor Who: Opening Theme – Peter Howell

The Leisure Hive (Serial 5N) – Peter Howell
Brighton Beach/K9 Kaput
Into Argolis
The Generator/Intruders
‘His Time Has Come’/Earth Shuttle Arrives
Tachyon Terror
Into the Generator
The Hive/Mena Fades
Looking for Mr Brock
Testing Time
The Limitation Program
The West Lodge
The Child of the Generator
The Foamasi
The Argolin Dawn
‘We, Pangol’
Back to Work

Doctor Who: Closing Theme – Peter Howell

Sound Effects – Dick Mills

The Leisure Hive (Serial 5N)
Argolis Exterior Planet Atmosphere
Earth Shuttle Arriving
Generator Hall
Corridor Background
Generator and Screen
Tachyon Drive Engaged
Meglos (Serial 5Q)
The Screens of Zolpha-Thura
Laboratory Ascends
Dodecahedron Energy Beams
Full Circle (Serial 5R)
Mistfall Mist
Operating Room
Starliner Instrument Panel
Bonus Track
Doctor Who Theme: New Stereo Remix 2002 – Mark Ayres


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