Revenge of the Cybermen



Biological Type:


Place of Origin:


Notable Individuals:

Vorus, Tyrum, Magrik, Sheprah

First Seen In:

Revenge of the Cybermen


Jorus and the Voganauts


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Vogans were humanoids from Voga, a rogue planet made of gold. Because of their world’s unique composition, the Vogans were deadly enemies of the Cybermen, and went into hiding under threat of Cyberman invasion.


Vogans were humanoids with grey-brown skin and white hair. They had deep-set eyes and large, protruding features. A Vogan usually had a large domed head and thick white hair. Their eyes were large, luminous and adapted for seeing in the dark, which meant they kept the lighting in their buildings dim. (Revenge of the Cybermen)


The Vogans were led by a High Council, which was in turn led by a Chief Councillor. The Council had their own militia, which defended the centre of the planet of Voga. The Vogan Guilds were represented by the guardians, who protected the mining galleries and the surface of the planet. The High Council were in favourof the isolationist policy, while the Guardians believed that the Vogans should rejoin the rest of the galaxy. This schism caused a minor civil war, which happened to occur when both the Cybermen and the Fourth Doctor arrived.

High ranking officials could be identified by theirornate clothing, such as elaborate robes and high-collared clothes. Most of the adornment for their clothes were made out of the gold which is common on their planet. (Revenge of the Cybermen)

The Vogans utilised some simple technology, such as motor-boats and projectile weapons. They were incapable of creating glitterguns, only supplying the gold used in them. They were, however, able to create Skystriker, a rocket able to destroy Nerva Beacon. (Revenge of the Cybermen)


The Vogans, living on a planet of gold, were harassed during the war against the Cybermen in the 26th century. This gold was used to create glitterguns which could kill Cybermen. To stop this, the Cybermen tried to destroy Voga. One of the underground survival chambers survived and, greatly reduced, Voga was blasted into space. This forced the Vogans to move underground and set up an isolationist policy. (Revenge of the Cybermen)

After floating in space forover three hundred years, Voga was captured by Jupiter’s pull. Shortly after this, the humans discovered Voga and put the Nerva Beacon in its orbit not knowing it was the famous planet of gold until fifty years later when the Cybermen discovered Voga and planned to destroy it due to its part in the Cybermen’s failure by taking over the Nerva Beacon as part of this purpose.

At this time Chief Councillor Tyrum was attempting to remove Vorus from his office as leader of the guardians and had sparked the Vogan Civil War. The guardians hid within the mines, while those loyal to Tyrum tried to flush them out. Peace was brokered when the Cybermen later invaded. Skystriker was launched and it destroyed the Cyber-ship after it left the Nerva Beacon when they falsely thought it would destroy Voga with the adjustments they made for that. (Revenge of the Cybermen)

By 3900, Vogans had abandoned Voga. (Legacy)

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