Revenge of the Cybermen




Also Called:

Planet of Gold
Neo Phobos


Planetoid, later moon






Revenge of the Cybermen


Voga – also known as the Planet of Gold and Neo Phobos – was a planet with an extremely high gold content. It contained more gold than in the rest of the known galaxy, with rocks being 50% gold, sometimes even higher. (Revenge of the Cybermen) Because of this, golden objects were not considered impressive on the planet. (Wishing Well)


Voga was originally a full sized planet, inhabited by the Vogans. During the Cyber-Wars, the Vogans started supplying the gold dust which was used in the manufacturing of glitterguns. The Cybermen, whose respiratory unit innerworkings were vulnerable to gold dust, tried to stop this by destroying the planet, but one emergency bunker, as well as some of the population, survived, which started drifting in space as a rogue planet. Centuries later, it was captured in Jupiter’s orbit. The Cybermen later discovered the planet again and attempted to destroy the remaining gold so the humans wouldn’t recreate the glitterguns and destroy them before they could launch another war. The attempt was unsuccessful and the Cyberman were destroyed. (Revenge of the Cybermen, Revenge of the Cybermen)

By the 40th century, Voga had been long since abandoned and was nothing more than a lifeless asteroid. Neal Corry and Jaim Gehässig had been sent there to do a documentary on the history of the Cybermen. (Legacy)

After the discovery of gold planets such as Voga and Midas Superior, gold eventually became “worthless” to the colonies. By the year 250339, both planets were mined out. (Night of the Humans)


Facing the Cybermen on a Mondasian colony ship, the Twelfth Doctor recalled defeating them on Voga among other places. (The Doctor Falls)

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