Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours

Regular Cast

Kai Owen (Rhys), Nerys Hughes (Brenda Williams), Karl Theobald (Mr Tate), Ryan Sampson (Mr Nichols), Ruth Lloyd (Nurse Brown), Stephen Critchlow (Dr Fletcher)


Everyone’ a little worried about St Helen’ Hospital. In many ways it is a miracle of the modern NHS. It has plenty to offer its patients. The problem is that a lot of them keep dying of natural causes in the night. And no- one can find the bodies.

People are beginning to notice. Questions are being asked. And there are rumours – the strange whispering figures seen at the end of the corridors, the electrical buzzing, the screams.

Also, Rhys Williams has come to visit his mother. Brenda’ had her hip done and is looking forward to a bit of rest and regular crumble. Rhys and his mam are in for a night they&rsquo,ll never forget.

Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners

Written By:David Llewellyn
Directed By: Scott Handcock


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Visiting Hours was the first audio story in the third season of the Big Finish Torchwood series. It featured Kai Owen as Rhys Williams.

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