Inston-Vee Vinder




Inston-Vee Vinder


Observation officer

Affiliated With:

Observation Outpost Rose

First Seen In:

The Halloween Apocalypse


War of the Sontarans
Once, Upon, Time
Village of the Angels
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers
The Power of the Doctor

Main Actor:

Jacob Anderson


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Serving Commander Inston-Vee Vinderof Kasto-Winfer-Foxfell was a pilot and guardian. After he turned whistleblower, he was demoted to the role of observation officer manning Observation Outpost Rose. He was at this posting when the Flux arrived and caused the entire galaxy to be erased.


At one point, Vinder and Bel fought The Daleks together. (Once, Upon Time)

After their marriage, the pair had plans to do 20 rotations in the floating canals of Puzano for their honeymoon. However, they were both deployed separately, and all they got was one night in a cubicle hotel opposite the Academy. (Village of the Angels)


Vinder trained to be a pilot with the Grand Serpent’s space fleet. During the later stages of his training, Vinder flew into a blaze in his training craft, risking his own life, to save the lives of three of his colleagues. His craft received fatal damage. Vinder would later say he didn’t believe he was lucky, but “made a judgment call” which came off. Despite the incident, he held no record of post-traumatic psycho disturbance, though took all offers of counselling. Vinder received an exceptional honours award and a commendation for his brave actions, and qualified highest in all streams.

He accepted the posting of guardian of the Grand Serpent, with the highest level of security clearance, permanently at the side of the Grand Serpent himself. (Once, Upon Time)


Vinder’s first role as guardian was to both watch over and record a meeting between the Grand Serpent and the Alforia. After the Grand Serpent came to an agreement “on one condition”, he ordered Vinder to stop the recording. Vinder felt duty-bound to continue recording, but was forced to shut it off. Unrecorded, the Grand Serpent conditioned that family members of his critic Frey Sampor have an accident; “an unexpected tragedy”.

Following an “accident” at the lunar range in which four family members of Frey Sampor were killed, Vinder made an official report against the Grand Serpent. He was immediately reposted to Observation Outpost Rose: a desk job in the depths of space. (Once, Upon Time)


On his arrival at Outpost Rose, Vinder was granted one message to his family. (Once, Upon Time)

As time passed, he made regular reports on this section of the universe. He consistently noted that there had been no change from previous reports he’d made.

However, on rotation #21714, after signing off on his standard report, Vinder noticed an anomaly in the Thoribus Trifecta, and queried the onboard system for details.

When Thoribus Minor and several other planetary bodies were destroyed by the Flux as it passed through them, Vinder was advised by the computer system to attempt evacuation before the outpost was “compromised”. He made his final report, detailing events as they unfolded, before abandoning his post. (The Halloween Apocalypse)


Finding himself in the Temple of Atropos, Vinder encountered a Priest Triangle demanding to know if he could repair. Playing along he followed it to the sanctum of the Mouri where he encountered Yasmin Khan, who was similarly confused by the situation. Swarm, Azure, and a Passenger form arrived and forced them to cooperate, proving able to evade Vinder shooting at them. Swarm killed two Mouri in addition to the aleady broken two and put Vinder and Yaz in their places, revealing what he’d done to The Doctor and Dan Lewis when they arrived looking for Yaz. Swarm prepared to expose them to the full force of time, wondering how long they’d last. (War of the Sontarans)

The Doctor shoved Dan onto a Mouri pedestal, while she leapt onto another and used her sonic screwdriver, trapping Vinder, Dan, Yaz and herself in a time storm.

Protected in his time stream by The Doctor, Vinder relived the day he blew the whistle on the Grand Serpent and was reposted to Outpost Rose. However, instead of his commanding officer, he saw Yaz in his place.

While Vinder was safe, trapped reliving his memories, The Doctor replaced the missing Mouri. Safely back in the temple, Vinder promised to help Dan save a kidnapped Diane. He returned to his home planet in the TARDIS, though it had already been eradicated by the Flux. The Doctor gave him a communicator and requested that he stayed in touch. Looking at the ruins of his planet, Vinder made a promise to Bel, his missing love: “I’m not giving up. Whatever it takes”. (Once, Upon Time)


Vinder visited Puzano in search of Bel. He encountered Namaca Ost Parvess Po who directed him to a message Bel had left for him, revealing she had left in search of a Passenger she’d seen survivors of the Flux being tricked into entering. (Village of the Angels)

Following Bel, Vinder travelled to a structure in space. He encountered Swarm, who trapped him inside a Passenger where Vinder met Diane. (Survivors of the Flux)


Vinder’s ship was later pulled through a wormhole and crashed on the cyber-conversion planet in orbit of Earth. Vinder became involved in The Doctor and her companions’ efforts to stop the Spy Master’s plan, helping Yasmin Khan to force a retro-regeneration that sent The Master back to his own body and restored The Doctor. Afterwards, The Doctor took the TARDIS to the planet where she at first had Vinder take one of the controls before changing her mind. The Doctor was able to repair Vinder’s ship and, after thanking him for his help, sent Vinder back through the wormhole before she closed it. (The Power of the Doctor)


Vinder had contempt for the recipients of his reports on Outpost Rose, telling them to “go to hell” each time he concluded one of them. Nonetheless, he marvelled at the beauty of the universe before him, and saw value in this chance he had to behold it. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

Vinder considered exile to be a worse fate than death. (The Vanquishers)

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